Where Can I Get a Paintball CO2 Tank Filled?

If you have been playing paintball every weekend and feel there’s not as much force and power inside the paintballs as you pull the trigger, you need to do something about it. The reason behind it is that your gun is slowly losing pressure, and you must refill it with your air tank. But what if your air tank runs out of pressure too?

So, where can you get a paintball co2 filled? The best places where you can get the tank filled are a sporting goods store or a paintball shop. These shops fill your tank for just a few dollars per1,000 PSI. Some other shops like scuba, welding, or fire extinguisher shops can fill up your CO2 tanks. If not, then you can use a scuba tank to refill the co2 tank.

Before you plan to fill up your co2 air tank, you need to learn a little about the type of your air tank and how you can fill it. There are some of the basic guidelines that you need to know for refilling your tank!

The best way to refill your co2 air tank is to go to legitimate shops and stores that refill tanks.

At a sporting goods store or a paintball pro shop

Many local and national sporting goods stores offer you the facility of filling CO2 tanks for paintball guns. Sporting goods stores can be located quickly, and the stores’ professionals do a great job at filling tanks. Make sure to go to a shop where the employees are experienced because if an inexperienced person fills your tank, there is the risk that they might overfill your tank. This can be dangerous because it can result in a burst in your safety disk.

The sporting goods stores also sell smaller, pre-filled canisters, and they can serve as great backups for refilling paintball guns. The small canisters are also available at most bicycle shops. The professional cyclists carry them because they need to fill their bicycle tires often.

The local sporting goods store is the best choice if you want to refill your paintball tank.

The stores are the best option because these stores have compressed air and CO2 refilling equipment available. The staff is also skilled and can help you with your tank refilling.

If your paintball gun is leaking CO2, you must fix it at home or take it to specialized stores to fix the leak.

You can also get your paintball gun, O-rings, and air tank inspected and checked by professionals to ensure that they’re working properly!

Some of the tank refilling stores offer free refills if you visit their stores often and often hire their services. If you are addicted to paintball and always need to refill your tank, it would be best to choose the best local sporting store near you. You will only have to spend a dollar or two for every 1,000 PSI, and the total amount for a refill would be around $5. 

At Other Local Miscellaneous shops

Paintball tank refilling

You can get a paintball tank refill at the local sporting goods store, scuba welding, and fire extinguisher shop, and another good option will be to do it at home. All you need is a proper fill station which has got enough PSI. If you have got 200 PSI, it will not fill up 2,000 PSI tanks of paintball. In case you have a compressed tank and don’t live close to sporting goods shops or a paintball pro shop, you don’t have to worry at all. Many other stores can help you out and fill up the paintball tank. Some of the best options can be scuba stores, as they are affordable as well. The fire extinguisher shops, welding shops, and even oxygen supply stores.

Most of the stores will help fill out a paintball tank of 3000 PSI, and this is considered a lot higher than most of the paintball tank filling needs. If you are not satisfied with these shops or don’t have time to go there frequently, you can choose to buy your scuba tank. When you have a scuba tank at home, you can use it to refill the paintball gun’s air, and that too up to 20 times. If you can fill up the paintball tank 20 times, it will be perfect for a long day of play, and even if you live far away from the local shops, it will not matter much. You can also check online stores like Walmart or Amazon, which might have CO2 tanks that you can use to refill the paintball air tank. They will let a professional deal with this matter, and you can feel at ease.

At your own house

Although it may not be considered one of the best methods, you can also refill the air tanks at home. It would help if you had a scuba tank or any other high-pressure compressed air tank to do this. Invest some money in a fill station and connect it with either an air tank or a scuba tank. If you are going to do this, you need to occasionally go to the scuba tank shop and get the scuba tank refilled. Having your tank can reduce the number of trips you may have to fill the CO2 tank. Many YouTube videos can help you do the process at home. You can check the tire pump placed in your garage that will probably be collecting dust and consider the amount of PSI that a paintball tank will require. Most of the CO2 paintball tanks are 1000 to 4000 PSI, and a tire that consists of 180 PSI may not fill the air in your tank.

Fill Paintball Tank at the Gas Station

You can also go to a gas station to refill your CO2 tank, and the best thing is that you can use their tank for a low price or even for free if you are lucky. It may not work the way you want it, so opting for other options is always better. You need to know about the recommended level of PSI you are using to fill up your tires to keep them appropriately inflated. Most car and truck tires will work fine with a 30 and 35 PSI, but these tanks can sometimes supply 200 PSI. If your air tank can support at least 1,000 PSI, the air pumps available at the nearest gas station will not give you what you need. Apart from this, they will only fill up an air tank to 200 PSI.

Tank Exchanges

There are some propane tanks available for backyard grills, and there are other stores that are selling CO2 tanks and offer a tank exchange program. They allow the users to drop off the empty tanks, and they must refill them. It may turn out to be an expensive choice, though, but a convenient one than most of the other options. The tank exchange option happens to be a better choice than doing it at home.

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