Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun Review

When you don’t want to spend a decent chunk of cash, but you want good quality paintball gear, you look at Tippmann. Here we take a look at the excellent Tippmann Cronus paintball gun…

Tippmann Basic paintball gun

The Tippmann Cronus paintball marker is an ideal option for the novice to intermediate baller, that wants a robust and reliable option to play with.

It uses the same internal design elements as the super-successful Tippmann 98, so you know you are playing with a reliable marker in the Cronus.

With some well-thought-out design features that we will delve into in more detail throughout this article and a stylish look, the Cronus marker makes the game easy and fun.

Tippmann Basic paintball gun

Core features of the Tippman Cronus paintball gun

  • Sturdy vertical handle for added stability and accuracy
  • Internal gas line
  • Semi-automatic action
  • Multiple Picatinny rails to fit additional attachments
  • Very smooth and consistent operation
  • Front and rear fixed sights
  • In-line bolt system
  • The ported barrel that produces consistent accuracy
  • Optional mod kits available for the Cronus

As soon as you start using the Tippmann Cronus you will notice just how stable it feels, with the front vertical handle giving you the stability you want to get your shots off right at the target.

The front and rear sights also help you line up your shots quickly. The sights are not adjustable though, so you will have to trust their alignment (although they seemed to be spot on when testing this marker).

You also have plenty of set-up options with the Cronus, and this versatility is perfect for adapting the marker to different game types.


All modifications are quick and easy to do, so if you need to change your setup in-between games you can do so quickly and easily.

The semi-automatic action of the Tippmann Crons allows for decent rapid bursts of fire when required.

What impressed us also was the fact that the marker never missed a shot, and we never had any chopping of the pellets either, it fired super smoothly and without any issues.

The Good

  • Balanced feel
  • Light and easy to use
  • Extremely robust and able to take direct hits with ease
  • Works well on both compressed air or C02
  • A reliable marker that requires minimal maintenance
  • Great versatility, easy to modify to suit the style of game you are playing
  • Excellent value for money

The Bad

  • The sights are not adjustable

One of the most rented paintball markers around the world

There is a reason why the Tippmann Cronus is one of the most popular markers to be rented out in paintball parks around the world.

It is extremely robust so can handle the harsh wear and tear it will be put through on a daily basis, plus it is extremely accurate and easy to use.

The last thing a beginner or even an intermediate paintballer wants to do is have to worry about any technical settings on the marker during game time.

The Tippmann Cronus allows you to play and enjoy the game without having to give any thought or worry as to whether the gun is set up correctly.

With the Cronus, just aim and fire, simple as that!

Other options available for the Tippmann Cronus

There are variations of the Cronus, one of them being the Tactical edition.


This is also a very popular choice for many ballers, and the additional components are fitted to create excellent balance throughout, so very easy to use in different terrain.

If you want the option of being able to use either the regular Tippmann Cronus or the Tactical edition, then you can purchase a mod kit.

This consists of three different parts:

  • Mock silencer with the front sight
  • Carry handle
  • 6 position collapsible stock

All of these pieces are extremely easy to fit, all three can be assembled in about a minute.

There is just one screw that holds the stock firmly in place, but the mock silencer and handle both slots into place and are secured without the need for any tools.

Our Verdict

The Cronus definitely has its place in the market, it is aimed at the beginner to intermediate player, so don’t expect loads of bells and whistles with this marker.

But if you are after a good quality paintball marker, that offers excellent value for money and is built to last, then this fits the bill.

We actually love the Tippmann Cronus, it certainly does everything it claims it does extremely well.

The fact that you can modify this in so many different ways just adds to the appeal and makes it an excellent option.

For the money, you will struggle to find better quality than this, so we give it top marks and highly recommend it.

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