Which Paintball Gun Should I Buy in 2022?

Trying to decide which paintball gun (or “marker” as they are more commonly called) you should buy is not as easy as it may seem, as there are so many good quality guns to look at these days.

The good thing is that with so much choice available, you should always be able to find a marker that meets your requirements perfectly.


There are several things to consider before you buy a paintball gun, so you will need to narrow down your search to the models that suit the kind of paintballing you will be doing.

In the early days of paintball, the old pump action guns were the norm’.

Things have changed a lot since then, and you will find some vastly improved and advanced paintball guns being used.

The modern-day markers are generally lighter and provide more power and mobility.

You can also find paintball markers that offer different firing modes, such as single shot, 3 burst shots, and fully automatic.

If you are playing more close-quarter paintball, then the automatic markers are the most effective.

The cost of a paintball gun is going to be a large factor for most when making a purchase decision.

The price range for paintball markers is vast, so you should always be able to find something that meets your budget.

If you are more experienced and you are upgrading your marker, then you have plenty of high-end models to consider.

Likewise, if you are just starting out and you do not want to spend that much on your first marker, you can get some really good package deals that provide quality and value.

A look at some good paintball gun options

To give you a better idea of some of the paintball markers that are currently available on the market, here is a list of some of the better markers you can consider.

There is a wide variety here, and we also provide more detailed reviews of each of these markers on this site, so if you want to know more about a certain model just follow the link at the end of each brief overview here.

Tippmann A-5 paintball gun

Tippmann A-5

As soon as you start to look into paintball equipment more, Tippmann is one of those names that you will see time and time again.

The excellent Tippmann A-5 marker has attained cult status, with both new and experienced woodsballers loving the simplicity and quality that this gun provides.

It is extremely easy to use and can be field stripped in under a minute without having to use and tools.

The A-5 marker is very versatile and offers a lot of ways to customize it to get it to your ideal setup.

It uses the excellent cyclone feed system which gives the gun a firing rate of up to 15 rounds per second.

If you ever want to boost the performance further you can do so easily with the variety of upgrades available for the A-5. A powerful and versatile marker that is suitable for people of all levels.

Kingman Spyder MR100 Pro

The Spyder MR100 Pro marker is an excellent option for the beginner to intermediate ‘baller.

Ideal for woodsball and scenario, this semi-automatic marker offers a lot of versatility.

It is also a lot lighter than its predecessor, the MR1.


The versatility of the MR100 comes from your ability to customize it in several different ways so it is easy to set up to your own specifications.

The two-fingered trigger used on the MR100 is responsive and gives you a lot of control over your firing ability.

The 12” micro-ported barrel ensures accuracy and consistency and helps you gain a lot of confidence with this marker as soon as you start using it.

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US Army  Alpha Black Elite

The Alpha Black Elite has been made for US Army by Tippmann.

US made Paintball marker

The ‘Elite’ version is the successor to the old Alpha Black, which was a very popular marker in its time.

But the Elite has gone through a number of high-quality upgrades and is now one of the most popular tactical markers available in this price range.

The military appearance is very realistic, which is another alluring factor of this marker.

Being designed by Tippmann, it incorporates the robust and reliable 98 custom internals.

This helps the Alpha Black Elite to perform at its optimal levels even in the worst possible conditions.

You can use this marker right out of the box, and the M16 style stock has 6 different positions so you can set it up to suit your playing style perfectly.

Azodin Blitz Electronic

The markers made by Azodin tend to be smaller, more mobile designs that are ideal for scenario paintballing games.

This electronic marker offers several different firing modes that allow you to be very competitive on the field.


It can fire up to 15 balls a second, and is ideal for the beginner to intermediate player, and will enable you to improve your skills on the field.

This paintball gun from Azodin is very light and easy to manage. It weighs just 2.46 pounds, and it takes both compressed air and C02 (compressed air is the recommended option).

It has a high-performance valve that provides enhances airflow efficiency.

Buying a paintball gun that matches your needs

These are just four of the many good quality paintball guns you can purchase at the moment, and they all offer something different to each other.

When you are making your purchase decision make sure you get a gun that fits in perfectly to the type of games you will be playing.

Plus you need to look at the cost of the different guns available too, as these can vary quite a bit and will play a large part in your ultimate decision.

Here at PaintballMission.com, we have provided a lot of detailed reviews of specific models and brands.

We look at everything from paintball markers, through to all of the other equipment you need too. So feel free to have a look around our site so you can make a more informed decision on markers and any other equipment required too.

We are always updating the site will new product reviews and paintball-related information.

If there is anything that you would like us to include on our site, you can contact us here, and we will certainly look into your request.

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