How To Improve Your Aiming in Paintball

Two questions usually go through someone’s head when they pick up a paintball gun for the first time. The first is “how the hell do you shoot this thing?”… and once you figure that out, the second question is “how the hell do you aim this thing?”

And the third question is then usually… “now who can I shoot at?”

Let’s hold off on that last question and focus on your paintball aim.

These three paintball tips will have you hitting your targets long before they even have a chance to hit you!

1. Think About The Paint, Not The Marker

You might think of paintball aim like aiming a rifle or a handgun, but that’s backwards thinking.

Instead of thinking of the gun, think about what you’re actually shooting out of the paintball gun.

Think about the actual paintballs for a second. Do they seem like they’re designed for accuracy? The truth is, paintballs are barely aerodynamic at all.

They’re round instead of cone shaped (like real bullets), are made of gelatin and liquid, are usually have dents and other imperfections, and have a seam down the middle. Yeah… real aerodynamic there.

Basically, they’re not designed for perfect accuracy like the bullets in weapons! So don’t think of them that way.

2. Master The 50 To 80 Foot “Sweet Range”

Typically when playing paintball, you’ll engage in a shootouts that have a distance of about 50 to 80 feet away.

This is important because it means that, if you want to be able to hit your target, you’ll need to learn how to recognize that range, and, most importantly, practice the hell out of shooting at that distance.

This distance is the “sweet” range for your paintball aim… it’s where you’ll make most of your long distance eliminations.

There are a few clever ways to hone in on your target while you shoot.

One technique is easily remembered as “point and shoot”. First, you line your pointer finger up along the barrel, while your middle finger is used to squeeze the trigger.

Then, you point at your target with your finger and shoot. If you’re a lousy shot like I was, you’ll find that this will help increase your accuracy pretty quickly because it will help you to better focus on your aim.

Once you get the hang of it, use your pointer finger to squeeze the trigger, and imagine the paintball barrel as an extension of your finger.

Another tip you can try is to imagine a point connecting the end of the barrel with the front of the paintball gun. Now, imagine that line extending all the way to your target as you look down that line.

If you have a top loading hopper, you can do the same thing while sighting along the side of the barrel.

These exercises are not only simple, but they actually work.

3. Make Or Find A Target Range And Use It

Finally, I highly suggest that you practice shooting at a target range. This can be either in your back yard, or if you’re lucky, your local paintball field might have one… in which case, GO USE IT!

Hell, if you have woods nearby (make sure it’s safe to shoot there), pick a few lucky trees to shoot at. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just as long as you actually go do it.

The key here is to be deliberate in your shooting. Pick a target, then take a few moments to actually aim your marker. Paintball aim takes time and practice in the beginning, so remember that there’s no rush.

Imagine hitting the target perfectly in your mind, and then hit it. Move to the next target and repeat.

Do this exercise even just a few times and you’ll notice a massive increase in your accuracy!

This is also a great way to use up any leftover paintball when you’d normally be packing it in and calling it a day. That extra practice will make a world of a difference, and your friends will start to wonder how you got so good so quickly.

They will start asking YOU how to aim!

So, to summarize the paintball tips on how to never miss your target: Remember that you’re shooting paintballs, which aren’t designed to be aerodynamic. Then, practice your 50-80 foot shooting distance until you’re confident. Then, use your back yard or your field’s shooting range to hone your paintball aim to perfection.

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