M3 Black Dragun Compact Paintball Gun Review

The M3 Black Dragun Compact is a semi-automatic electronic marker, LED electronic trigger frame, rear velocity adjustor with tournament lock, and plastic grip. Requires one 9V battery.

Summary: The Black Dragun Compact is a great entry-level electronic marker. It is reliable, shoots fast and accurate, and there were no real problems. The barrel is loud, and the electronics are not waterproof.


When you read a marker’s reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Black Dragun marker reviews.

From 35 out of 66 reviews:


• The Black Dragun has an accurate stock barrel (though one player thought it was horrible).

• This M3 can shoot 13 BPS; some report 15 BPS (needs a good hopper).

• The Compact accepts Spyder thread barrels.

• The M3 Black Dragun is light and very compact so you can play tight against your bunker.

• This M3 doesn’t chop balls.

• The Black Dragun is easy to strip and clean (though one player reported painful cleaning).

• The Compact is durable and reliable.

• The M3 Black Dragun has a rear velocity adjust with tournament lock.

• Most everyone reported the M3 had a sensitive fast trigger. It has a sweet spot that allows full auto. (However, one player thought that there were problems with double firing due to no sensitivity adjustment, and this would cause a ball chop; paint would get everywhere, requiring a total teardown to clean. This players rating of 2 made it suspect). Be careful you don’t accidentally shoot your foot.

• The Black Dragun has a vertical feed that allows left-handed shooters to sight down the right side.


• The stock barrel of the Compact is really loud.

• The electronics in the grip, and the trigger button, are not waterproof. The M3 Black Dragun is not an all-weather marker. Get a mechanical grip frame, or have an alternate gun for rainy weather.

• The M3’s rear cocking bolt can smack your lense and crack it; put a beaver tail on it.

• The Black Dragun’s cheap construction leaves sharp edges that can cut you. Polish them down.

• The Compact has a laughable instruction manual.

• Two players reported this gun kicks, which may cause unintentional re-fire.

• One player reported 4.5-hour battery life; another suggested turning the gun off between games to lengthen battery life. No other battery complaints.

• The trigger on this paintball gun has a wiggle, but two players fixed it with a spring (get one from a pen and super-glue it in place).

• Cheap paintball gun: $99


• The paintball gun comes with a plastic carrying case.

• One report: the stock bolt of the Compact is really sharp, you have to sand the edges a bit to get it to shoot right.

• The Black Dragun series are exact Spyder clones and can accept most Spyder upgrade parts.

• Several players commented on the M3 Black Dragun’s cheap plastic of the grip frame, but admitted that it hasn’t yet been a problem.

• May need some upgrade parts such as a volumizer, an expansion chamber, longer barrel (e.g. Dye Boom Stick). Does not come with a bottom line.

• The marker works with CO2, but one player reported a CO2 cloud. It works best with HPA.

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M3 Black Dragun Review

Great gun

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