How to Play Paintball? 16+ Pro Tips Included

Paintball can turn your friends into competitive rivals as it is an intense game. Professionals are used to playing this game, but beginners feel nervous when their first match comes up. Paintball is an entertaining game where individuals can either play alone or in a team using their compressed air guns. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play the game, you must know the rules and regulations thoroughly. You also need to know about the game’s gears and styles when you are on the sports ground. So, here we are going to discuss how to play Paintball, so keep reading the details below.

How to start playing Paintball

Before starting to play, keep the following things in mind.

  • Find an appropriate ground
  • Learn the rules
  • Gear up with marker, mask, and clothing
  • Pay attention and have fun

Gear up

Paintball Marker

Tippmann paintball marker

You will require a paintball gun or marker for playing an intense paintball game. There are plenty of paintball guns available in the market, and you have to be wise enough to choose the best one.


Mask is like safety equipment, and it should be worn very carefully. Paintballs usually travel at very high velocities, and it can hit you badly. You also need to wear safety goggles and protective clothing and boots for your security.


Protect yourself by wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and a padded paintball shirt because if you hit a close range with Paintball, it will hurt you.

Don’t be afraid

Paintball is known to be a simulation combat game, and if you get hit by a paintball, it will hurt. You shouldn’t let fear take over and ruin the most exciting day of your life; instead, feel entertained by concentrating on the butterflies in your stomach.

Communication is the Key

Communication is the key as it will lead you to victory on the battlefield. You can provide your mates and yourself with the best of protection. It is essential to develop a game plan and the right strategies that can be followed well. Make sure that no one gets shot due to miscommunication or misjudgment. Communicate wisely and patiently, so your plan isn’t jeopardized.

Be Vigilant 

You must be prepared for everything. If you run out of paintballs, it will hamper the fun and excitement in the game, and it will be useful if you and your teammates make use of the battle packs and carry extra ammo. It is also essential to analyze your surroundings when you are moving around the gaming zone.

Stay Positive and have fun

The players need to maintain a positive outlook, but it is a little challenging to handle. When you are under fire and have to compete with the enemy, you do feel confused. However, a positive mindset is essential when you are playing a paintball game. You shouldn’t forget to learn the rules of the game and play along wisely.

Be wise when firing

If you get caught in the middle of the ground and realize that you have run out of ammo, you have to make sure that you don’t get a trigger. Here are three reasons when you should fire the paintball marker during the game.

  • If you see that their your opponent is in view and you should tag them within that range
  • You need to fire to help a teammate in danger
  • Test your marker before starting the game to know if it is working efficiently

The best way is to avoid firing at vast distances or the places that are far or sheltered. You need to be quiet and vigilant, so you can find out if you can save someone. The game is all about proper planning, stealth, and strategies. The next important thing is to play fair, follow all the rules of the game, and not bend the rules according to your advantage. Don’t pretend to be hit or adopt fake methods to win the game.

Coverage and Stealth

One of the best things to learn for a successful paintball game is to be patient. You also need to take coverage well, and it may seem odd to hide at inconvenient and dark places to keep yourself safe and out of the firing line. If the player can’t see the opponent, they will not beat their opponents. It is better not to hinder your view, and this is one mistake that most beginners make, and they lose the game too. The best tip is to stay covered, be stealthy, and shoot wisely or efficiently.

Play by the local rules

Every paintball game comes around with a particular set of rules that you all must follow, as it is necessary for your safety and protection. You may have to apply 3m rule into some places, especially if you are at a distance of 3 meters from another player. At this point, you aren’t allowed to shoot, while other places will offer exclusive bonus points. Performing primarily depending on the tactical skills becomes necessary, and there may be some variations in the game too. By following the fundamentals, you can win the game. Some other important rules are as follows:

  • Never remove your mask whenever you are playing in the field
  • Fire at your opponents from a 3mm distance
  • You cannot shoot players who have already been marked
  • If you get hit by a paintball, and it leaves a solid mark that will mean you are out of the game
  • Put your hands up in the air to indicate that you are out
  • The players themselves should mark themselves out as it is about being fair and following the rules
  • You shouldn’t rub off the paint from your face; you have to pay the penalty for it

Paintball Playing Tactics

If you follow the following tricks, you might be able to get an edge in a paintball game:

Use cover

Paintball cover

If you stand in the open in the paintball field, there are chances of you getting shot. It would be ideal for hiding behind barricades and substantial trees. Make sure to move directly into to cover, and making a fire at the point would be ideal. It would be best not to stand in the open, pretending to be Rambo because that can go against you on the paintball field.

Tunnel vision

Be alert and always keep track of what is going on all around you. It might be easy to look ahead and focus on the player standing on the front. You might be ignoring the ten other players that might be advancing to your side. Make sure to have a look around to see what is going on.


This trick would only work when you keep still, and you don’t make any noise. When you are wearing camo, it doesn’t mean that you are invisible. When you make a move, people will see you and will try to attack you.

Moving targets

The targets that are moving are harder to hit. If other players are shooting you in a zig-zag pattern, it will be harder to hit you. If you hide behind a barricade and the pellets come attacking you, the reason behind it is that your opponent can see you or your kit. You will eventually get shot out unless you hide in or run!

Work in pairs

The best and the most effective tactics are to work in small groups that consist of 2 to 3 people. If one of the players gets pinned down by the opposition, the other partner can fire from a different angle.

Spread out

When you are attacking a wooden hut that contains four opponents, you are bound to have fun. If you get a few pellets at the door or window, you will be able to hit at least one of them! You should not group with your group mates if you are aiming for a bigger target. The team members should spread out behind different barricades/trees/huts, and as a result, the opposition will have to shoot at several targets and not just one.

Check yourself

If you feel that a pellet has hit you, always check if it has been broken and marked you. The players often walk off the game field, thinking that they are out, but in reality, the pellets are bounced, and they are not out. If you declare that you are out, you cannot get back to the game.

Go round the side

If all the action is happening in the middle of the field, you should consider heading out to the edge of the playing area. If you sneak down the sides, you can catch the opposition players, and you might be able to take out some key players.

Dead Man’s Walk

When the game is on, you can stand up and walk towards the opposition casually. They would think you are out and completely ignore you! When you get close to them, you can open fire or pick up their flag and walk it back to your base. You will annoy the opponents, and they will shout and accuse you of cheating and foul play. If you haven’t said, you are out or sent a signal that you are out. It is technically allowed!

Covering Fire

If the pellets keep hitting the barricade and your opponent is hiding behind it, he will likely be scared and will not shoot back. When a teammate puts down some covering fire, you have the chance to move to a better position and shoot them.

Out of Pellets?

If you have run out of pellets and you can’t shoot anymore, but the opposition won’t know that. Your gun makes noise, and the opposition is unlikely to notice that pellets are not being fired.


You must keep track of who is where and what they are doing. You can make Clear and simple voice commands, and that would be all that you need. The complex system of coded commands is impressive, but as minutes pass by, your team will forget what “Delta Force Code Green!” means. If you are getting outnumbered and want some help, then it would be best to shout to let your team know.

Know the rules

Each game on the paintball field has slightly different rules. The rules are explained before each game.

Many players lose the game by taking the flag to the wrong base camp and sometimes forget to check if the opposition is still alive.

Watch the Marshal

If you are playing the game and notice a marshal standing near you, you must check what they are watching. The marshals are present to look after the safety and also referee the game. They move to where firefights go to so that they can make a fair decision. If you see that a marshal is heading towards you, then there are chances that an opponent is coming at you!


If you get lucky enough and stay in the game and get low on pellets in your hopper, then carrying one or two extra pots of paint in the battle pack will help you reload during the game. If you reload, you must do it before the opposition makes a move on you.


If you don’t aim the gun in the right direction, you are unlikely to hit anything. If you fire from the hip, it may look good in a film, but in reality, if you do that, your pellets will fly all over the place. The gas bottle that is present on the gun will form an ideal gun stock, and it will fit into your shoulder and stabilize the gun. If the target drops short, then you must aim a bit higher.

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