How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Paintball?

Paintball is a popular game that has been gaining attention in the world for the past few years. With the popularity of the game, people are also becoming aware of the risks and dangers you might have to face on the paintball ground. One of the most frequently asked questions is how old a person has to be to play paintball? It highly spends on where you live. Some countries require the players to be adults, while some allow teenagers to play the game also. Most countries require the player to be at least 18 years old. The paintball game requires the players to take precautions and safety measures, and it is best if the player is an adult.

Some countries don’t have any rules, and players of any age can play the game. The paintball age limit varies from country to country. The parents have to take care of their underage kids, and it is up to them to allow their kids to play paintball under 18 years of age or not. Most people follow the rules and age limit set by their insurance companies. The insurance company in the United States allows players to be on the local field at 10 or 12-years. It is essential to take safety measures no matter what age you are because that will prevent you from getting any injuries.

Learn the requirements to play

If you wish to know the required age to play paintball, then asking the person in charge of the paintball field in your locality is the best idea. They will be willing to explain their rules, and you will have to follow their rules if you wish to play on the local paintball field. Age limits can vary country by country and even can be different state by state, so it is best to go to a local paintball facility. You can speak to the owner, and that would be the best course of action for you. Besides the legal age to play, you might also have to consider the proper maturity level. Paintball requires a certain level of maturity, and if you are not mature enough to understand the rules, it might not be appropriate for you to play paintball.

It entirely depends on the individual child because the learning capability and maturity level can vary from person to person. It is mostly recommended that children between the ages of 12-to 14-years-old can play paintball, which is the proper age considered to begin the sport of paintball. Most of the children at this age can understand and follow the rules and regulations. They abide by the safety rules and will be able to enjoy the game. They would also not overreact and cause a scene on the paintball field if they get hit while playing.

The other players and their game should be affected by one person on the field, so it is important to be mature enough to handle all the difficulties and challenges you might face on the paintball field. On top of this, parental discretion is an essential factor that is highly recommended and required for various reasons, such as liability reasons. In most countries, the families’ elders have to sign documents before their child gets on the paintball field. This rule would only be applied to the parents who allow their under 18 children to play the game. Paintball players that are of 18 years don’t have to sign any documents. They will be accountable for all the actions on the field.

Paintball Tips for Beginners

  • It is important not to fear the pain you might experience while playing paintball. It doesn’t hurt as much as you are expecting, so you can relax. You may experience a stingy feeling for a few moments, but it will go away in a few seconds. You can also expect to get slight bruises, but they would not be as bad as you might expect them to be. You will not experience any fear once you get used to playing on the field because the feeling of excitement and thrill of paintball will take over all the other emotions. Typically, paintball players quickly get over the feeling and start to find the entire paintball concept to be exciting. Besides, you should avoid hiding during your first few games because it is not a way to up your skill level. You need to enjoy the game thoroughly and challenge yourself to experience new things, even as a beginner.
  • Make sure to follow some safety measures, and the most important safety precaution is not to take your mask off. Your game will end up becoming unsafe and un-enjoyable if your face is not protected correctly. The proper protection of your face is essential if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. There is a chance that you experience severe injuries, and the injuries can frequently occur if the rules are not followed properly. Most venues and local paintball fields will kick you out of the game if you don’t follow them. You might even get banned from the field if you repeatedly break the rules.
  • Fire your paintball gun when you see an opponent coming your way. When you are confident that you have a shot at tagging them, only then make your move. Always expect the paintballs to come your way because your paintball gun’s noise and direction will inform the opponents about your whereabouts.

Safety is the key

Paintball accessories

When it comes to paintball, safety is the most important for everyone involved in the game. Aside from wearing your protective mask, you must also follow other safety rules. Never remove your goggles when you are out on the field. Even if you are out of the game in the game, you must keep wearing the Goggles. Your goggles mask and other paintball gears should be specifically for paintball and must be approved so that you are ensured it will protect you adequately.

Paintball safety stats for children

  • Paintball has just 0.2 injuries per thousand players every year compared to 2.2 injuries per thousand football players.
  • The majority of the injuries are restricted to trip and fall.
  • Eye injuries are infrequent, but if you don’t wear a mask properly, it can happen.
  • Wearing protective clothing is a must, or else when your child falls, they will get bruises.

Paintball for children: A parent’s guide

If you want to take your kids for a paintball game, you need to be extra cautious. Get to know about all the safety rules, especially if they are under 18. There is no doubt that paintball is an excellent activity for children, and they will enjoy it a lot more than any other age group. Kids like outdoor activities more than indoors, and this paintball game gives them an option to have all the fun and entertainment. It is a mobile game and will encourage teamwork among your children, which they can use in real-life situations. Problem-solving and critical thinking will also come into the picture, but there is a danger surrounding the game, just like everything else. The accident rate of this game is low, but there can be times the injury can be intense. When compared to playing football, basketball, or rugby, the rate of injuries is much higher. Learning simple ways to manage the risks safely is an essential part of childhood, and your kids have to cope with everything well.

Age limit for paintball

Anyone above 18 can play paintball if they are fit and healthy to cope with the field’s issues. To make this game more entertaining, you can play with your children by forming a team or acting as opponents. There is no age limit for playing paintball as such, and you can enjoy it whenever you want to. If your child is aged 15-17, they need to have their parents or guardians sign a permission slip. If they don’t have anyone along, they will have to understand safety rules under strict guidance.

Different paintball venues have different rules, and for some, parents must stay alone. There are some venues where the presence of parents is not necessary. If your child is under 15, they will be termed as juniors for playing a paintball game. Many venues are running junior events, and you can enlist them there to have some fun. Do many parents also have this question in mind that is paintball be safe for a 12-year-old? The answer is that yes, paintball is safe for a 12-year-old, and it is a fun and entertaining activity.

Insurance for paintball game

Many people think that they must need insurance before they let their child play paintball. However, it is not valid, and you don’t need any insurance for playing this entertaining game. All the fields of paintball games are fully insured, and your child can step in and have all the fun. You have to be honest enough to let the authorities know about your child’s age. If you give them a wrong report or claim they are older than they are, they will not be covered under insurance. Usually, a paintball won’t hit you hard, and at first, you will not feel anything at all. It is widespread for some players to feel a little sting. The pain will be minor and fade away quickly, but if the hitting is hard, some bruises may be seen as one skin.

Safety practices for the paintball venue

Paintball play area

Most of the prominent venues have safe and healthy facilities for your children. The most common injury that you may witness is the regular trip and fall, which happens in most playgrounds. Your child has to wear a face mask, protective clothing, and goggles, and they are all set. Whenever your child is in a paintball game zone, they cannot take off any of these things, and once they are out of the gaming zone, they will not have a threat of getting hit with a marker. It is considered one of the best methods for your child’s safety and security, so feel at ease even when playing their favorite game.

The junior facemasks are usually constructed with excellent quality materials so they can remain safe. The best thing is that these facemasks have passed rigorous tests and can withstand a lot of pressure from a hit. All the players, including the juniors, are usually given safety talk advice by the marshal, which will benefit them. The expert Marshals will take care of your child’s safety, and if they try to remove the mask even for a second, they will be removed from the field. Paintball happens to be an exciting game, and if you want to gift your child with an excellent present, take them to the venue to play the game.

Take note with whom your child is playing with 

Paintball games are more fun when played in larger groups. There are at least 20 players on the playground before it begins; otherwise, the enjoyment will be limited. The groups are matched, keeping in view the skills, ability, and age. Experienced players are not allowed to play with either beginners or children; otherwise, it can be harmful. As paintball is considered one of those games where the players don’t have to contact each other, the younger children can play with older children or even adults. The games are usually supervised from start to finish, so parents don’t need to pressure their minds. A little bit of bruise, mud, and a whole lot of fun is what your child will happily like to have.

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