Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

The Empire Axe paintball gun provides heavy-duty fire power in a small, and easy-to-handle body.

It is equipped with a unique operating mechanism that has combined the technology of many other paintball markers.


The Empire Axe has great aesthetics, with several different colors available, including dust black, blue and silver, dust olive and earth to name just a few (there are more color schemes available).

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paintballer, this versatile and fairly inexpensive marker delivers impressive power and performance that can certainly enhance your game significantly.

It has been redesigned from previous models so that it is much easier and more comfortable to hold.

This is ideal for the longer games so you will not suffer any fatigue, and will have yet another advantage over any of your opponents that are not using the same marker.

Key features of the Empire Axe paintball gun


This lightweight marker feels steady in the hands, making it perfect for ‘gunning and running’.

The extended grip frame and the unique grip shape allow you to hold it in different ways with a lot of comfort, even when you are playing for long durations.

It also features a distinctive push-button bolt removal system, which allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

Empire paintball gun

Furthermore, it has an ASA empire relay regulator equipped with an ON/OFF lever, allowing easy removal of the air bottle.

This is the kind of versatility and ease-of-use you want from your marker when you are out on the field and in the thick of the action.

Magnet return bearing trigger


The Empire Axe paintball gun operates very smoothly, and has no side-to-side movement in the trigger.

This is probably because the gun’s micro-switch, magnet return, and roller bearings are solidly fixed, making the trigger feel amazing and allows for a really smooth firing action.

It also offers multiple adjustable firing modes, and within seconds, you can easily shift from PSP ramping to millennium ramping, NXL, or semi.


This paintball marker offers consistent performance and outstanding velocity that you can rely on.

Its lightweight, aluminum barrel allows accurate hitting of the target, added to the anti-chop eyes, integrated break beam system that eliminates chopped balls.

Moreover, this gun also features a patented, proprietary solenoid slipstream system low-pressure operation system for faster, yet softer firing system.

The consistency of this paintball gun is simply remarkable, having a field limit of 275.



The overall engineering and design of the Empire Axe Marker make it very easy to breakdown and clean.

With just a little effort using the lube that comes with the marker, maintenance is very easy.

That is probably one of the best benefits of the gun’s unique quick release bolt.

Firing ability

The Empire Axe Paintball Gun shoots steady and can be comparable to an automag.

However, it is smoother and much quieter than a classic automag.

The marker’s weight works very well to its advantage because it helps bring down the recoil.

Just make sure that you lube the O-rings that are in contact with the bolt seat and the bolt itself, to ensure consistent shot quality.

Not only do you get a lot of power with this marker, but a lot of speed too.



This paintball marker is solidly built from high-quality materials.

Every part has been carefully crafted and assembled to be able to withstand all kinds of pressure during the game.

Without a doubt, this marker is one of the most durable paintball markers today.

Is the Empire Axe paintball gun right for you?

The Empire Axe paintball gun is a smooth, reliable, and easy to maintain marker that really lives up to its promise.

It is a mid-level marker that easily out-guns a lot of more expensive markers with its power and reliable performance.

A lot of Pro players that play on the PSP tour have used and won with the Empire Axe, and it is not very often that you see a mid-level marker being used by the pros on tour.


When you are out playing a woodsball or scenario game, you want the performance of your marker to be at the optimal level at all times.

You also want and need reliability too, as you do not want to have to stop in the middle of the game to unblock a broken paintball or blockage.

The Empire Axe paintball gun offers all of this; you are getting a very good quality high-performance marker at a very reasonable price.

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