Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun Review

If you like to play tactical and scenario paintball games, and you want a quality marker to give you an edge over your competitors, then the Dye Assault Matrix DAM comes highly recommended.

But why is this marker such a popular choice, even with its 4-figure price tag, and what makes people so eager to part with their money in order to get their hands on this gun?



In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the Dye Assault Matrix DAM to find out exactly where the quality lies in this marker, and to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

The high performance that the Dye Assault Matrix provides comes from a number of advanced features and technology.

It is very innovative in a lot of what it does, and it gives you a lot of setup options so you can finely tune the marker to your requirements.

When you first see and hold the Dye Assault Matrix DAM marker you will immediately feel the quality of the design.

It feels extremely comfortable to hold, and the action of the gun is incredibly smooth when fired.

The design has been born through Dye listening to what their customers wanted and engineering the best quality marker that incorporated some of the design elements that the consumer wanted.

Paintball gun

Key features of the Dye Assault Matrix DAM The OTF system

The OTF system

The OTF system that has been built into the Dye Assault Matrix marker gives the player complete control over the gun’s operation.

‘OTF’ stands for “On The Fly”, and what it does is to allow the player the ability to switch the feed from the magazine to hopper to magazine as they need.


As the name suggests, this can be done on the fly, so it is incredibly efficient and will give the user that much more ability to use the ideal firing mode.

The Dye Assault Matrix DAM uses a fire selector, which enables you to quickly switch modes.

You can go from Semi-Auto mode to 3 round burst mode and then to fully automatic at the flick of a switch.

Not only that, but you can also create your own custom firing modes and then they can be integrated into the switch selection too.

This again giving you the best possible firing options for every situation you are in while playing.

Dual sided magazine


The dual-sided magazine on the Dye Assault Matrix will enable you to use both .68 caliber paintballs and first strike paintballs.

There is a sliding dust cover built into the design so that no dust and debris can get into the magazine, thus keeping working at its optimal level at all times.

It also means less ongoing cleaning and maintenance for you also.

Aluminum body

The lightweight aluminum body on the Dye Assault Matrix DAM will give you more control over the marker as you play your tactical scenario games.

When unloaded the marker weighs just 4.76 pounds (5.15 pounds with mag) and can easily be used for longer games without causing any fatigue or discomfort.

The DAM is also very customization, and there are two shroud sections that are interchangeable so you can configure the marker to suit the style of game you will be playing.

It is very easy to customize, the shrouds and front cap allow for very quick component changes.

Steady trigger feel


The trigger on the Dye DAM Assault Matrix has vertical ridges that provide added feel, along with a wider face such as the designs on competition shooters.

This design helps to provide ultimate feel and control on the trigger in all conditions, and also helps you maintain that feel when wearing gloves too.

Is the Dye Assault Matrix DAM right for you?

Such is the quality of the Dye DAM, that it can be right for anyone that plays tactical scenario paintball.

But the price tag is going to put this out of reach for some and is hard to justify for the beginner that just needs an entry level marker to get them started.

But for the more proficient player that wants to have reliability, customization, and quality in one tidy package, then this is a great option.

The Dye Assault Matrix DAM is available in four different color options: black, dark earth, olive drab and DyeCam (this particular color option costs extra).

It is a very comfortable marker to hold and use, and the responsiveness of it will give the better players the type of action they want and need on the field.


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