Diablo Inferno Heat Paintball Marker Review

The Diablo Inferno Heat is a semi-automatic mechanical marker with a double trigger, capable of about 7bps.

Summary: The Diablo Inferno Heat is acclaimed by players as a reliable, accurate, solid, easy to clean marker. No one had anything really bad to say about it.


When you read a marker’s reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Diablo marker reviews.

From 21 reviews:


• This Diablo marker is reliable, well made, solid, and trouble free.

• The Heat is reasonably accurate with the stock barrel, many thought very accurate.

• The Diablo Inferno hardly ever chops balls.

• The quick strip bolt on the Diablo Heat makes it easy and quick to clean in the field in 10 seconds.

• This Inferno has a nice light trigger pull, well balanced.

• The Inferno Heat is all metal, with solid aluminum double trigger frame.

• The vertical A.S.A. pin depressor on the Heat has twin air holes for better air flow into the valve.

• The center feed is milled and machined into the gun body for an unbreakable feedtube.

• The bolt on the Inferno has no O-rings.

• The Diablo Heat has a flawless vertical feed.

• $139


• The Inferno Heat is loud; but — one player liked this in speedball because it intimidated the newbies. Get a quieter barrel.


• The bolt on the Diablo Inferno is made of aluminum, which makes it fire faster, but it shortens the life of the bolt.

• The Inferno is a good starter gun, good for upgrading. The players really liked this gun. One player suggested getting an electronic hopper to prevent chopping balls. Otherwise, above about 6 or 7 bps you may chop some.

• The Diablo Heat doesn’t come with an expansion chamber or bottomline. An expansion chamber will make a huge difference in consistency.

• Spyder barrel threads allow for aftermarket barrel upgrades. It uses Piranha parts.

• One player thought that the Heat performed well, but he wouldn’t buy it because a lot of other markers appealed to him.

• Many thought the Diablo Inferno was better than any Spyder.

• One player thought the Diablo had great CO2 efficiency, about 1100 shots from a 20oz. in 70-80 degree weather. Another player thought it might be a pig on CO2, having to refill his tank twice in a game.

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