8 Best Youth Paintball Pants: Extra Safety for Legs

Paintball players must pay attention to all the equipment and gear if they want to perform efficiently on the paintball field. The paintball pants are one of the most important things to wear when you are preparing for the paintball field. These pants are designed to handle the harsh conditions that you may experience on the paintball field. The market offers a wide variety of paintball pants by different brands, so it will be hard for you to choose the best one. But here we are going to give you the best paintball options available in the market right now.

Youth Paintball Pant Reviews

1. Survival Tactical Gear Pants – Best for kids & under $170

Survival Tactical paintball trousers

Reliable brand: Survival Tactical Gear Pants have improvised and come with a new model of paintball pants that are better than the older pants offered by the brand.

Design: These pants are engineered with a high-quality design that will help you run and score points efficiently. They are very streamlined and provide you with the best comfort.

Padding: They are padded with extra care and equipped with Velcro and a zipper. They have a mesh material on the inside to provide you with extra safety and comfort.

Flexible: The pants are made with a super-stretchy material that prevents it from tearing even when you put umpteen stresses. You can crawl and sit upon your leg, and the pants will stretch according to your posture.

Zipper pockets: The zipper pockets that are attached to the pants are situated on the sides. They are water and mud resistant and make the pants suitable for various weather conditions.

My Opinion

Pros: Survival Tactical Gear Pants are designed with an adjustable Velcro belt straps that help you with your pants’ fitting and tightness according to your requirements. They have laser-cut holes for better ventilation and a knee protection system.

Cons: It has a small crotch area.

2. Exalt Paintball T4 Pants – Best for kids under $110

Exalt durable and economic paintball pants

Design: The Exalt Paintball T4 Pants are designed with a large and full knee pad area that will help to protect almost the entire front half of your leg up to the back of your thigh.

Safety: A protective material is firmly attached to the hips. So, if you’re someone who likes to slide on the paintball field, this will be very useful. You will not get hurt or cause any harm to your hips.

Padding: The paintball players are in love with the Exalt paintball pants because they provide apt padding in the crotch area. It has excellent padding all over the pants and can help keep the sensitive area safe from injury.

Drawstrings: These pants have drawstrings attached in the center to help you get the right fitting. The multiple belt loops also help you in adjusting the size according to your body shape.

Pockets: They also come with multiple pockets that help you occupy all the paintball accessories that you might need on the paintball ground.

My Opinion

Pros: The Exalt Paintball T4 Pants come with multiple pockets with zippers, padded knees, cooling mesh interior liner, and dual drawstring adjustment feature.

Cons: The mesh on the back of the leg is not breathable and is a bit tight.

3. Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants – Best under $130

Bunker Kings padded paintball pants

High quality: The Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants are aptly designed with new technology and high-quality material. These pants have an innovative padding design that can help to fit the curvature of the knees.

Protection: The fly area of the pants is aptly padded and provides adequate protection.

Lightweight: These pants are not made with mesh on the inside but are constructed with good quality material that doesn’t have a heavy layer of meshing. It is lightweight and is easy to carry.

Sizing options: The pants offer multiple sizing choices, and you can make them loose or tight as per your liking. In case you like the adjustable straps, you also have the option of using a regular belt for better convenience.

Flexible: The crotch area of the pants is made with high-quality stretchy material. It enhances breathability and allows you to enjoy a flexible movement on the field.

My Opinion

Pros: The pants are highly flexible, and you will not face any ripping problem when you’re diving, crawling, and sliding. Its pockets are very deep, and it features an inside pad for your private area.

Cons: Its sizes are completely different from what is pictured.

4. Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson – Best under $60

Paintball pants by Paintball Equipment

Lightweight: The Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Pants are perfectly designed to be extremely lightweight. It will help the player keep the entire load off, especially when running and sliding.

Flexible: The pants are flexible so that the players can move quickly. It will also help you gain more agility and comfort. They are engineered to keep up with the pressure exerted when you are playing the paintball session.

Materials: The materials used in making these pants are of high quality as they can absorb sweat or water. The best thing is that it will keep your body dry and free from irritation.

Knee pads: They also have knee pads and multiple pockets to keep your belongings. These knee pads help you to slide and dive without worrying about damaging your knees.

Durable: The paintball pants are incredibly durable and robust. The crotch area is aptly padded and, most importantly, quite stretchable. Cotton and polyester are used to stitch the pants.

My opinion

Pros: The pants are available in different sizes to choose the correct size by measuring your waist. The two-multi pocket design has special knee pads for protecting you from an injury.

Cons: These pants are extremely form-fitted.

5. Valken Fate II Pants – Best under $45

Valken Fate paintball pants

Extra protection: The Valken Fate II Pants are designed with appropriate Padding in the groin and knees. It also has unique hip padding that can be removed easily. The padding on the knee area is thick to provide you with extra protection.

Waist adjustment: The fly consists of two snaps, a Velcro, and a zipper that helps in waist adjustment for a snug fit. The waist of the pants can be adjusted to provide you extra fitness.

Support: The Valken Fate II Pants have rubberized lumbar support. This helps you to play conveniently on the field without worrying about losing your paintball accessories.  

Ventilation: They are made with a lightweight and high-quality material that can provide you with proper ventilation and ease of movement.

Pockets: The pants come with two front zippered pockets that are moisture, dust, and water-resistant. The pockets have an in-built cloth that can help you to clean your hands.

My Opinion

Pros: Valken Fate II pants come with an adjustable waistband and ankle straps that can help with the pants’ proper fitting. Also, they are made with good materials and an ideal choice for beginners. 

Cons: Its stitching keeps coming out.

6. Planet Eclipse Elite Pants – Best under $130

Planet Eclipse padded pants

Comfort level: The Planet Eclipse Elite Paintball Pants are incredibly light in weight, breathable, and comfortable. They offer a perfect balance to the hip and protect the knees too. They are flexible without extra stuffing of pads.

Polyester: They are made up of skinny polyester, but it is sturdy and durable. The adjustable belts add up to the padded fly area. The mesh on the top of these pants will keep you cool and dry.

Stretchable zones: These paintball pants have a stretchable zone at the front and move towards the crotch. Also, it runs to the back as well as the hips.

Ventilated crotch: The Crotch area is super-stretchy and well-ventilated. A lot of air will be exchanged to keep you dry and protected. The hip padding on the backside is also ventilated with fabric.

Ankle cuffs: The soft padding starts at the thigh area and moves into the mid-shin, which is a unique feature. The adjustable ankle cuffs at the bottom will prevent the pants from dragging on the ground.

My opinion

Pros: The Planet Eclipse Elite Paintball Pants are fantastic as they offer good padding, freedom of movement, agility, comfort, and weight reduction.

Cons: The waist cords are hard to adjust, and the four-way stretch construction is not very good.

7. KYhao Military Paintball Camo Tactical Combat Trousers – Best under $40

KYhao paintball Military pants

Elite Choice: KYhao Military Paintball Camo Pants provide the right combination of durability and flexibility. The most admired feature of these pants that make them stand out is that they are easy to clean.

Tablecloth material: These pants are made up of tablecloth material while slightly slick on the exterior side. If any paint splashes on the clothes, you can wash the paint off with water.

Crotch area: The crotch area of the pants is padded and boasts of softness. The players won’t have to wear a groin protector cup separately. It is flexible and won’t let the pant rip apart when you slide, roll, and crawl.

Knee pads: The best thing about these pants is that they come packed with removable knee pads. It has got five belt loops, and even if you wish to wear standard belts with these pants, you can do so. The belt straps are easy to adjust too.

Strip: On the backside of the pants, a strip is used for modular attachment or a molly section. It will help the users accessorize their pants with stylish molly accessories.

My opinion

Pros: KYhao Military Paintball Camo Pants are very durable and comfortable. They are very well made and have pockets everywhere.

Cons: Its XL (36) size is too tight.

 8. JT Cargo Paintball Pants – Best under $65

JT Cargo Rip Stop Fabric pants

Free-flowing pants: JT cargo Paintball Pants are incredibly light in weight, and advanced technology is used in the stitching. In simple words, they are free-flowing pants and will offer flexibility and breathability.

Polyester: The material used to manufacture these paintball pants is pure (100%) polyester. The player should know how to maintain and clean it thoroughly. You cannot heat or iron it as it tends to burn.

Fly and Zipper: The front side of the pant that is precisely over the fly is a cover for the zipper. The zipper doesn’t have an additional layer of padding inside.

Drawstrings: It arrives with a pair of drawstrings; while the in-built belt will help you tighten them if required. However, it doesn’t have any belt loops, and you can’t wear a regular belt with it.

Stretchable materials: The crotch area is made up of stretchable materials that run-up to the thigh area. The crotch area won’t wear and tear or rips apart even after intense sessions. It also comprises of a suitable mesh material that will keep everything fresh.

My opinion

Pros: JT cargo Paintball Pants are incredibly comfortable as there is enough padding for breathability. The knee pads give extra protection, while the press stud closure is a useful feature.

Cons: The waist belt is not easy to adjust, and you cannot dry clean the pants or use any bleaches on them.

How To Select Paintball Pants for Kids & Youth

If you are out in the market and shopping for the best paintball pants for your kids, keep the following features in mind.


The look, feel, and visual appeal of the pants are critical when you are purchasing it. The best quality is that while the players are playing the game, they will not spot each other when the design is bright and vibrant.


The excellent pair of paintball pants is the one that features thickness, flexibility, and comfort. The thickness of the pants matters a lot as it prevents the player from getting injured. Your legs will not get any exposure to thorns, rocks, and other harmful materials when the protection is high quality.


The elasticity of the pants refers to the proper fitting for the user. You need to check that they are elastic enough to fit on your waist and hips. It should promote freedom of movement or else you can’t enjoy the game.

Paintball Playfield

A paintball player must consider the paintball field as it will significantly impact the thickness of the pants. If you are going to play in your backyard, then a pant with medium thickness would be suitable. If the field is in a recreational area, you should consider buying a pant with maximum thickness.

Pant material

It would be best to buy your paintball pant from a high-quality brand that uses premium quality materials. The pants should be made from a material that doesn’t wear or tear on the field.

Can I dry clean youth paintball pants?

If the paintball pants are manufactured using polyester, it is not a wise idea to dry-clean them. The color will fade away, and if you use iron on it, the material will burn off. Washing them with water will be a better choice as the materials don’t absorb paints.

Why should youth paintball pants have an appropriate thickness?

The paintball pants should offer a decent amount of thickness because it can help you prevent getting hurt or injured. The thick pants will be able to provide you with adequate protection and safety.

How can you adjust youth paintball pants on your waist?

There are paintball pants that feature Velcro adjustment belts. These belts can help adjust your pants to the required fitting of your body. The drawstrings on the pants also help to tighten the pants.

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