4 Best Paintballs: Top Choices of Paintball Professionals

The quality of the paintball would change your experience on the paintball field. The most important factor that can make your experience great is the kind of paintball you are using to load your paintball gun. It would be a great idea to consider getting the best paintballs available on the market. A bad paintball affects the accuracy of hitting targets on the field. So, if you need to buy the best paintballs, then here are some of your best options available.

Best Paintball Reviews

1. Valken Infinity Paintballs – Overall Best

Economic Valken paintballs

Top choice: Valken Infinity Paintballs are one of the top choices of professional paintball players. People searching for the most reliable paintballs for the tournament can rely on them without any concerns.

Quality: The paintballs are made with excellent quality, and the Valken brand provides the players with excellent quality control.

Structure: The best thing that you will notice about Valken Infinity Paintballs is that they have a thick shell that extends the paintball’s life. It makes them highly durable and unbreakable during the gameplay.

Price: The paintballs are perfect for entry-level markers. The price of these paintballs is affordable, and they are designed with high quality.

High Accuracy: The impressive fact about Valken Infinity Paintballs is that they can shoot straight and with a lot more accuracy. This would help you to avoid having a difficult time beating your opponents on the paintball field. The overall design and structure of the paintballs are great as well.

Robust: The robustness of the shell makes them versatile and compatible with both hopper-fed and mag-fed markers.

My Opinion

Pros: The paintballs are made with a thick and durable shell. They are suitable for all paintball level players and can be perfect for beginners.

Cons: The packaging of the product is poor.

2. GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs – Best Cheap Paintballs

GI economic Certified Midnight Paintballs

Suitable for all players’ levels: Both the regular and occasional paintball players should consider buying this XBALL CERTIFIED MIDNIGHT paintballs because they come from a highly reliable brand GI Sportz.

Dependable:  These balls are constructed and designed with a robust body. They are highly dependable and can help you win on the paintball field.

High quality: The paintball’s thick and sturdy shell assures you that they are the best quality paintballs available in the market.

Visual appeal: The paintballs by GI Sportz have the best visual appeal. The two-tone look of the balls makes them look appealing to the eye. They are available in blue and light blue tones.

Versatile: They work well on various paintball versions and are a perfect option if you are interested in general play, scenario games, or tournament practices.

Compatibility: The paintballs are compatible with the .68 caliber, which is majorly used in the paintball field.

Easy to wash: The fill used in the paintballs are easy to wash off.

My Opinion

Pros: The paintballs don’t break easily and have a sturdy frame. They are versatile and suit a wide range of paintball versions.

Cons: Sometimes, they arrive squished and destroyed.

3. Valken Graffiti Paintballs – Best Expensive Paintballs

Valken high-quality paintballs

Accuracy: Valken Graffiti Paintball is an impressive choice as it is constructed with quality materials. The paintballs boast of superior accuracy and excellent attributes for marking.

Popularity: It is one of the most popular products in the market right now. You can also use it in various fields as it is designed for speedball and woodsball both.

Durable: They are durable and fresh and will deliver quickly to your house. The manufacturers take care of the quality well, and there is no chance a defected piece will arrive at your house.

Shape: The paintballs come packed with a circular shape.

Thickness: They are thick, so it is hard to break them even if you drop them on a hard surface. Also, they splatter nicely when you mainly use them for shooting or hitting a target.

Weather-resistant: The paintballs are weather-resistant, and they are equipped with a versatile shell.

My opinion

Pros: It can reliably break on target and is an ideal choice for various paintball fields.

Cons: It is expensive and will not fit into the budget of an average buyer.

4. GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs –Best Training Paintballs

GI best training paintballs

For professional and regular players: GI Sportz DXS is another set of paintballs recommended for both professional and occasional paintball players for training.

Dependable: Even though these paintballs are constructed to be used for recreational purposes, they have a high dependability rate.

Color tone: The paintballs boast of a 2-tone look that is blue and light blue. You will depend on these paintballs once you are out on the field.

Versatile: You will be much satisfied with how versatile the paintballs are. It works well on various paintball versions.

Compatible: The GI Sportz paintballs happen to be compatible on every surface, including the general play, scenario games, and tournament practices. They are also compatible with the 0.68 calibers, which is most commonly used in the fields.

Washing: Being a user, you will appreciate that the fills inside these paintballs will wash off pretty quickly. If the fill gets into your gear, you can wash off or clean it without any issues.

Shell: It comes with a thick and sturdy shell, and it doesn’t have any chance of breaking apart even when it is hit on a hard surface.

My opinion

Pros: The product is highly versatile and dependable. It is compatible with a large number of paintball versions.

Cons: The packaging is reduced, so you have to take care of it while opening.


These are some essential features you need to look at before purchasing the best paintballs.


One of the most important things a buyer takes note of is the price of the paintballs. You may want to get a hold on a low priced product, but it doesn’t mean you should settle for low quality. The final performance on the field will depend on the quality of the paintballs.


You have to check the caliber of the paintballs before making the final decision. The durability, versatility, and efficiency on the field will highly depend on what you have chosen for yourself. The paintball’s significant caliber is 0.68, but if you are not satisfied, you can go for other options like 0.40 and 0.71.

Shooting Efficiency

The shooting efficiency of the paintball is an excellent check to examine the quality of a paintball. The high-quality paintballs are highly efficient in shooting. The low-quality paintballs burst during shooting and can get you in a messy situation.

The freshness of the paint

Paintballs age too quickly and the reason is that the gelatin on the balls gets weaker with time. When the gelatin gets weak naturally with time, the paintballs start to break. Also, many other factors ruin the paintballs and cause swelling on them.

The humidity and moisture can cause the paintballs to faint and break, so check if the balls that are available in the box are fresh. You can check the freshness of the paintballs by dropping them to a concrete floor. If the paintball bounces back to you, then it means they are fresh.


It is also essential to check the color of the paintball before buying it. If you wish to play woodsball in the evening time and there are thick trees in the field, consider buying a bright and neon-colored paintball.

Are paintballs oil-based or water-based?

There are two types of paintballs available in the market: oil and the other are water-based. The oil-based paintballs are cheaper and may not be very durable, though.

What are paintballs made of?

The paintballs are usually constructed with gelatin shells. There is a gel inside which holds the fill so that it doesn’t leak or break down. Another significant component of a paintball is a fill, which is the liquid inside the paintballs.

How many paintballs come in a box/bag?

The number of paintballs depends on the actual size and model that you plan to purchase. However, in most cases, paintballs boxes have four bags, each containing 500 paintballs. So, you can expect to get at least 2,000 paintballs.

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