4 Best Paintball Padded Shirts Reviews

The padded paintball shirts are designed to protect you from the harsh conditions of the paintball field. They can minimize the risk of an injury and protect your skin from getting the paintball splats. These shirts come with extra layers of padding to protect users from any harm.

A thick layered padded shirt is an excellent choice for protection, but if you are playing in the summers, a few minutes of running can make you sweaty. So, always prefer shirts with thin padding to wear in summers and with thick padding in winters.

Paintball Padded Shirt Reviews

1. Valken Impact Chest Protector – Best Under $60

Valken padded shirt

Design: This is the best protector from Valken Impact to protect you. The design of the chest protector imitates the style of bulletproof vests. It can be worn under your shirt or directly on your chest.

Style: When it comes to style, the Valken Impact padded shirt is the most stylish shirt available. It has a pseudo-six pack design, which can be an excellent fit for people with a flat belly. It can fit people of all sizes and built because it is flexible and stretchable.

Protection: The padded shirt gives you the best protection from the front and back. Its users have revealed that they haven’t had any bruises or injuries while wearing the padded shirt.

Affordable: This amazing quality padded shirt is also available at an affordable price.

Breathable: It is made with a breathable material. If you love playing paintball and cannot avoid playing it during summers, this chest protector can help you breathe freely while running around the field.

Flexible: The best thing about this padded short is that it is flexible. It wouldn’t hinder your movements while you are wearing it. You can run as hard as you want without feeling uneasy.

My Opinion

Pros: Valken Impact padded shirt is designed with EVA core padding and delivers incredible protection to you on the paintball field. It is made with breathable material, and it is flexible and protective too.

Cons: The L/XL size is too big, so you have to be careful of the size before purchasing it.

2. Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector – Best Under $55

Empire paintball padded shirt

Full core protection: The Empire Paintball BT chest protector gives your overall body the best protection. Your chest and back are covered with a fully padded layer. Your shoulders and outer arms are also padded for complete protection.

Moisture-wicking stretch panels: It has the stretch panels that can help to absorb the moisture and make you less sweaty during summers.

Comfort: The padded paintball shirt is comfortable and will not hinder you while shooting on the paintball field.

Multipurpose: It can be worn in various situations. It can be perfect for playing paintball and can also be worn during your outdoor activities. If you love mountain biking or go for summer fishing, this padded shirt can be a good option.

Extra support: It also provides extra support to your chest, neck, back, and front. Your muscles and bones are protected when you are shooting or running.

Easy to wash: This paintball shirt is easy to wash with a home detergent. Its color will not fade, and the padding will also stay intact. You don’t have to spend money on getting the shirt dry cleaned because it can be hand washed.

My Opinion

Pros: It is made with breathable material, which gives you extra support and comfort. Also, the overall padding makes it the best option for extreme paintball players.

Cons: The shirt compresses easily.

3. TUOYR Padded Compression Shirt Chest Protector – Best Under $35

Tuoyr chest and neck protector shirt

Affordable: TUOYR padded compression shirt is pretty much cheap and basic. You can buy it as a protective gear to play paintball.

Flexible: Just like many other modern protectors, this chest protector uses thin, flexible compression padding. It will be suitable for helping de-fang paintballs.

Soft padding: The soft padding feature inside the TUOYR shirt means that you will not feel anything even if the splatter of paintballs falls on your spiked armor. The soft padding is perfect in terms of movement and flexibility.

Design: Its design is different from other paintball shirts, and there is an added uniqueness to it. It has got the elastic shoulder straps while a big waist strap can protect you from falling.

Prints: It arrives in different black prints or camo. You can choose the print which you feel is most likable.

Stitching: This padded compression shirt is constructed with nylon, while the armor on the top has other quality materials attached to it. It is sturdy, and the color won’t fade even if you wash it.

My opinion

Pros: It will protect your body from injuries, and the high elastic fabric like nylon is comfortably breathable. Your ribs and shoulders will be protected the most, and the shirt is available in different black prints.

Cons: You cannot dry clean it.

4. Maddog Pro Padded Neck & Chest Protector Combo Pack – Best Under $50

Maddog pro paintball shirt

Padding: The Maddog Pro Padded Neck & Chest Protector Combo features a strategically placed padding almost everywhere you need it.

Protection: It will protect your chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, and torso. The fitting is well done, and the stitching is also of high quality.

Breathable: The paintball shirt is not only protective but breathable as well.

Sizing: The size of this paintball shirt maybe a little larger than a typical shirt size, but the best thing is that it is available in different sizes. So, you can select any size that fits you.

Materials: The primary materials used are perforated EVA foam and a stretch mesh material. Both the materials are of good quality and long-lasting.

Belt loop system: You will be surprised to know that many paintball shirts don’t offer this feature, and this shirt is the only exception. The neat belt loop system helps you secure the belt on your waist, and no matter how hard you jump, it will protect you.

Price: The price of Maddog Pro short may not be very affordable, but its high-quality features will convince you to purchase it.

My opinion

Pros: The dense padding in this shirt helps protect your chest, back, and shoulders. It is quite comfortable to wear, made up of high-quality materials, and features a belt loop system.

Cons: It is a little big for the youth size.


If you are interested in buying the best paintball shirts, you have to keep the following factors in mind.

Find shirts with plenty of thickness

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional when it comes to paintball, the best thing would be to purchase a shirt that offers plenty of thickness. Moreover, the fabric should be rugged so it can protect you against intense weather conditions and harmful elements.

Protective padding

While playing paintball, you dive, crawl and jump on of one the toughest terrains sometimes. The protective padding will protect your skin from unwanted injuries and scrapes as you move through the ground’s surface.

Make the right choice when it comes to materials

Choosing the right shirt material is one of the most important things when buying a paintball shirt. Materials like nylon and leather are robust and sturdy, and they won’t wear and tear even if you use them continuously. Whatever you are wearing, it should be breathable and comfortable to wear at the same time.

Prints and patterns

If you are an experienced player, you would be more cautious when choosing the shirt that boasts of good prints and patterns. For playing outdoors, you will naturally get tempted to wear shirts with vibrant colors.

Functional fit

You should check if the shirt fits you well and can protect your body while you play. It has to adjust to your waist and hips while protecting the upper area of the body. A very tight shirt will surely create problems when playing.

Which areas of the padded shirts are protected with padding?

It depends on the type of shirt you choose. Most of the shirts are almost fully padded on the front side and the back. Also, some shirts have integrated pads on the sleeves and shoulders as well.

Can the paintball padded shirts be hand washed?

Paintball padded shirts are made with high-quality padding so they can be hand washed. The cloth is thick and durable, and it doesn’t get damaged when you apply a detergent on it.

Can the padded paintball shirts be used for other sports?

The customers have used the paintball padded shirts for Airsoft and hockey games as well. Also, they can be used for other outdoor activities.

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