Best Paintball Harness Reviews & Buying Guide

The shooting sports paintball has become widely popular in the world. If you want to beat your opponents in the paintball game, you must have all the right accessories. The paintball harness, also known as a paintball patch, is something that you wear to carry spare paintballs and other accessories that you might need during the game. It is worn on the waist and comes in several designs and styles. In this review, we will bring forward the best paintball harnesses that will help you to win every paintball battle.

Paintball Harness Reviews

1. Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3 –Best Value for Money

valken economic paintball harness

Comfort: The ValkenPaintball Fate Harness gives excellent comfort to the user and reduces the bouncing effect. You can run in the battle with peace because it is reliable and trustworthy, and you can pick this for your tournaments.

Convenience: It helps you to pull and reinsert all the pods that you wish to keep with you on the field. It is simple to use and has a great style.

Design: The harness design is functional that gives you maximum comfort while you are on the field. Its functional design will prevent bouncing, and this is not something that you want from your equipment while running on the field.

Padding: It comes with a back padding and the elastic nylon that can fit every body type. 

Elastic technology: Its elastic technology fits well on your body because it has a flawless design.

You don’t have to adjust the helmet on your body or the harness as it is flexible and fits you well.  

Style: The best part is that it will not create any issues with your style of gaming. You can continue to play the game on the field and win the battle.  

My Opinion

Pros: The ValkenPaintball Fate Harness comes with heavy-duty webbing pod flaps. The efficient belt system holds the belt in place and adjusts well to the waist.

Cons: It is not waterproof, and it might fall apart when it is raining.

2. Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness – Best for Tournament Pros

Maddog pro paintball harness with pod

Pod configurations: The Maddog Pro Series comes with various pod configurations that suit any play style.

Capacity:  Each harness can hold multiple standard paintball pods so that you don’t have to run out of paint on the field.

Grip: It has an easy-grip with the perfect bones Pull Tabs for quick and fast operation on the field.

Loops: Maddog Pro Paintball Harnesses equipped with an Elastic Ejector Loops that help to spring your pods directly from your pack to your hand. This will help you in quicker loads.

Custom-fit: It has a Dual Ventilated Elastic Velcro Strap that makes it suitable for waists up to 43 inches.

Comfort: The perforated foam and a padded mesh make it comfortable and easy to wear.

Suitable for hot weather: It allows the skin to breathe and lets you enjoy your game on the field even in hot summer days.

My Opinion

Pros: The Maddog Pro Paintball Harnesses not very expensive, and it has excellent quality. It has a strong elastic waist and pod holders.

Cons: It doesn’t have a back padding that can cause back pain.

3. Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Paintball Harness – Best Strapless Paintball Harness

Best Strapless Paintball Harness

Improvement:  The Bunkerkings V5 paintball harness is improved and upgraded in every dimension.

Comfort: It offers enhanced comfort and has superior pod retention. The product is equipped with a belt and back support, designed to provide maximum comfort. It doesn’t bounce around as you run. You can easily pull and reinsert pods in supreme comfort and style.

Padding: This product is suitable for everybody type because of its friction padding. It is combined with an advanced elastic attachment system to allow everyone to wear the product.

Functional design: It has a proven functional design that is mostly used by top pro players worldwide.

Technology: The V5 elastic technology helps accommodate all pod sizes and requires no adjustment.

Style: No matter which style you prefer, its supreme style makes it different from other paintball harnesses.

Use any pod: It works with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods. It has a unique design of the elastic pouches that allow the Supreme Pack to adjust to any size pod easily.

My Opinion

Pros: The strapless harness provides maximum comfort and has a functional design with supreme style. Also, its V5 technology is the best one.

Cons: It is not suitable for smaller builds.

4. Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness – Best Fit for Compressed Air Tank

Maddog best fit for compressed air tank paintball harness

Versatile: This Maddog Paintball Harness has sufficient space to accommodate four standard 140-round paintball pods and a standard paintball tank.

Quality: For easy and quick paintball reloads, this harness is equipped with rubber pull tabs.It also features straps that help secure the tank.

Comfort: The product is made to last long with high-quality components. It takes heat and lets you enjoy playing in the heat. It also features elastic inner and outer belts for comfort and flexibility.

Add-Ons:  It comes with endless add-ons. You can purchase pods, tanks, remote coils, or any other paintball accessory without any trouble.

Authentic: The product comes with an authentic Maddog labeling throughout its design.

My Opinion

Pros: It has a unique design that helps you to get access to paintballs accessories quickly. Also, it provides great comfort.

Cons: It is not that adjustable.

5. Tippmann Sport Series 2-Pod Harness –Best Cheapest Paintball Harness

Affordable Tippmann paintball harness

Construction: It is made from heavy-duty nylon for long-lasting use. This heavy-duty nylon will never get affected by extreme elements around.

Velcro closure flaps: The two Velcro closure flaps keep your pods in place. The belt is easy to adjust and fits most players quite easily.

Pod ejection system: The massive pull tabs have a built-in pod ejection system. The Holding capacity of 140 round pods is massive, and you can add as much paint as you want.

Suitable for beginners: Tippmann Sport Series 2-Pod Harness is an excellent choice for beginners. It is even suitable for a player who doesn’t like to throw a lot of paint down the field.

Warranty: The two-year warranty given to the users is a blessing, and you can get the harness repaired anytime you want to.

My Opinion

Pros: The belt is adjustable from 22 to 42 inches so that the harness can be attached to any belt. It has a perfect pod ejection system, and beginners can also use this harness.

Cons: The pods are sold separately, which will increase your budget.

6. Carbon SC Paintball Harness – Most Expensive Paintball Harness

Lightweight Strapless Paintball Pack

Adjustability: Carbon SC Paintball Harness is quite an adjustable product that anyone can use. It even moves slightly while driving, running, and playing.

Compression fit: A strapless compression fit ensures you get easy and quick access to pods and tapered tube ejectors.

Quality: It is a breathable paintball harness. The premium quality Velcro offers ever-lasting support, and a laser ventilation system improves breathability.

Back cushion: Its back cushion is also adequately ventilated. It has a non-slip silicone coating that prevents pod pack movements during any activity.

Size: The carbon SC paintball harness is available in different sizes and colors: 3-packs, 4-packs, and 5-packs.

Lumbar support: The lumbar support offers increased stability, maximizes comfort, and decreases pod & harness movement.

My Opinion

Pros: Its ultra-lightweight design makes it easy for the user to move it to different places, while the adjustable airbag/ bladder is another good option.

Cons: The tapered tube ejectors will wear out after continuous use, and the replacement parts are not readily available.


Here are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing the best paintball harness.


​Choosing a lightweight harness will be the right choice. You won’t like to tear up your hand during the process.


​Your paintball harness must have a sleek and straightforward design. It should be easy to set-up and maneuver. If the design is complicated, it will make the set-up difficult and consume your time and energy.


​Look out for a harness that is equipped with a belt with a decent measure. It will not be too short or too long, either. Instead, it should be easy to adjust and fit on all waists.


​Most importantly, make sure you buy your harness from the trusted online stores as there are many scams out there. You are investing your money, so you have to be careful. 

Can you purchase a harness for children?

The safety of a child is the responsibility of parents. If you think your child is grown up and can handle a paintball harness, you can buy one.

What is the best budget option for a beginner?

​You need to remember that quality, as well as price, matter the most when it comes to the paintball harness. It is a product that is best for professionals. The cheaper ones might not have the proper safety and can be lethal.

For how long can a paintball harness last?

​The lifespan of a paintball harness will depend on how you handle it. The better you manage it, the more it will last. Even the best ones can wear out if not handled well.

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