Top 15 Best Paintball Gun Reviews – 2021 Edition

best paintball gun reviews of 2021

Paintball enthusiast knows that the most important piece of equipment for the sport of Paintball is a paintball gun or marker. It is obvious that you will need to buy the best paintball gun to perform as winners and achieve success in the game. You can always hire or rent a gun, but owning your own will surely provide you with ultimate satisfaction and comfort when playing.

When it comes to buying a paintball gun, there are several brands available in the market from which you can choose. Every month or so, a new paintball gun is launched in the market. Paintball gun manufacturers understand that this sport is a big business. Hence, choosing ‘the best’ and ‘top-rated’ model can often be tough as you need to study many product reviews and then come to the best conclusion.

Don’t take hasty decisions when choosing a good paintball gun for you. We desire to help you pick up the best device which suits all your requirements and also fits into your budget well without having to go through the painful part of reading a number of reviews.

Best Paintball Guns for 2021

Our research on top 15 paintball guns below, will provide you with the necessary details and make your choosing process easy.

1. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

The Cronus is a wildly popular Tippmann gun. Since its release, it has been Tippmann’s top rated gun, and it totally deserves to be one too. This gun is a very well built and an affordable paintball gun. Tippmanns without any doubt are the most reliable paintball guns. They can be used every weekend for several years, and they will still work perfectly well, and also if they are not used for many years together in a row, they will still work. Paintballers testify that Cronus Tactical guns are of high quality and withstand outdoors extreme environment.

You can start using it out rightly without needing much training on how to use it. Tippman Cronus is affordable and easily serviceable. It is supposed to be extremely durable, reliable and almost impossible to break. The gun is simply designed, shoots accurately and quickly. It is cheap and a complete value for money. The gun can hit targets accurately up to 150 feet and can fire eight balls per second.

Due to its light weight and style, it is very good for beginners, intermediate, those who are of smaller stature and those who have poor endurance. Even the harshest of critics admit that Tippmann Cronus is ideal for fresher.

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  • It has a vertical grip which is easy to hold
  • It is easy to fire and can be customized easily
  • It has six positions collapsible stock
  • It includes a mock silencer
  • It has a high-impact composite body
  • It has an internal gas line that boosts comfort and makes the gun easier at tense moments
  • The stock barrel needs to be upgraded to improve the gun’s accuracy


2. Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker

When you are going for a Tippmann gun, then you don’t have to think twice about their reliability. This gun is not a Tippmann’s newest gun. You can call it the next version of its original Cronus gun. TMC doesn’t look much different from Cronus. People generally have nothing to complain about this gun. The players love them as they are built very well and are inexpensive. Users love this gun. I love this gun as its built quality is perfect, ergonomic are comfortable, and magazines are great. It is a versatile gun.

TMC has Tippmann’s traditional blowback style valve. TMC gun comes with a hopper which is super quick and easy to install. The whole body is made of aluminum which makes it a light weighted gun. It has other parts made of nylon and grip of rubber. The stock on the gun is good and can be adjusted to 4 different positions making the length of the gun suitable for all players.

A problem you can face with this gun is its charging handle. Every time you re-cock the gun, you will need to pull back the charging handle. The charging handle is made up of plastic and with time it can break or get damaged. This could be a problem to only a few. Also, due to its high-pressure operation, TMC is somewhat loud.

The TMC is a perfect choice for the fresher players due to its versatility, ease of use and the comfort of use. It is a light weighted gun which makes it more suitable for the beginners.

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  • It has dual feed option. It can be hopper or magazine fed
  • It has high performing in-line bolt system
  • It has easy pull trigger
  • It has internal stainless steel gas line
  • It has a four-position collapsible stock
  • It has a plastic charging handle which can break with time
  • It is a slightly loud gun


3. Tippmann 98 custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun


This gun is popular for its reliability, durability, and accuracy. The users are thrilled in the number of ways this gun can be customized. This is a top rated gun by the users and the manufacturers themselves. The sale of this gun is really high. It is Tippmann’s best ever gun. There are so many stories of its users online who claim that even if this gun falls several times, it behaves as brand new. One claims that even if you drive over this gun, nothing will happen to this gun. What I love the most about this gun is the capability to upgrade it. They are endless.

It is a user-friendly gun which is easy to upgrade. There is no lack of power in this gun and supplies accurate shots. To help the users achieve the accuracy of shots, the trigger of the gun is the right size. You can run, crawl, roll on the field, and nothing will happen to this gun. You can run in the field for hours holding this gun in your hand and not get tired due to its weight.

Tippmann 98 custom is ideal for newbies and also for those who are looking for a top quality gun. If you are trying to find a cheap and a fantastic gun, then this is the one.

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  • It is extremely reliable and durable gun
  • It is a very efficient gun
  • It is easy to customize
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance
  • It has a very comfortable grip
  • This Gun is relatively long in comparison to other guns
  • Users complain that it is not easy to completely disassemble this gun
  • Regarding performance, users have admitted that there is more recoil


4. Tippmann A-5 68 Caliber Paintball Marker

This gun is ranked as one of the most customizable guns on the market by its users and manufacturers. Players using this gun claim that they started using this gun when they were just beginners, and now they are experts at paintball and still they are using this gun. This gun is ranked high when we talk about dependability and durability. This gun gets the rating of 7.9 on ten by their user’s reviews and feedback.

It is suitable for woodsball, mil-sim and scenario play games. This gun doesn’t need much oiling and goes on without maintenance for long. This is a medium priced gun which is suitable for Woodsball play style.

The A5 paintball gun is great for beginners as it meets the qualifications a beginner needs to get started. It is a great gun to learn how to play paintball as it is easy to clean, remove its parts, upgrade and put back together. Because the gun is so easy to upgrade and has many options available, the gun can be made to work for an intermediate to an advanced player as well.

The stock barrel of this gun is not considered good as it doesn’t give the ball enough time to speed up and you will definitely have to upgrade it. So, the initial stock barrel which you get in the box is useless.

  • It is an affordable, dependability, upgradable and customizable marker
  • It can fire 15 balls per second without batteries
  • This gun can be opened in 60 seconds without using any tools
  • It has an external player switch which makes simple for the player to change the mode of the gun from safe to firing mode
  • It is a light weighted gun
  • It is an easy to maintain gun
  • This gun requires removing only three bolts to take it apart
  • Its stock barrels are bad
  • It is not a pro level gun
  • This gun is loud
  • This gun is relatively heavier in weight


5. Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker

Players love this gun when they have to play the game for longer as they don’t have to worry about the batteries much. There is a switch which can easily flip the gun from electrical to a mechanical mode and vice versa. All the parts of X7 Phenom are made is the USA which is a rare thing. Due to this reason also, X7 phenom gun gets positive reviews. The overall rating of this gun is 7.5/10.

Owners of this gun vouch for this gun saying, that this gun is hard to damage which makes these guns good beginner and woodsball guns. Few of the owners in their reviews mention that they have been using this gun for last ten years and it is still going on. By a series of customizations, you can give a unique look to your gun. Tippmann has excellent customer service and easy to get spare parts. The company is easy to contact. Sometimes they resolve your issues free of charge. They are always ready to lend a hand and answer questions, another reason they are great guns for beginners. This is a medium priced gun which is suitable for Woodsball and Mil-Sim play style.

This gun has a limitation that it needs to be lubed every 10000 shots.

  • It has electrical-pneumatic grip which makes switching from electric to mechanical mode extreme simple
  • Its hopper feeds 20 balls per second, and it doesn’t even use any battery
  • The gun has an external velocity adjustment
  • The gun is super fast and can shoot up to 15 balls per second
  • The gun has almost no recoil
  • The gun works with Co2 and HPA making it quite versatile. The gas or HPA also run the cyclone hopper
  • The 9.5″ stock barrel is not good
  • Must use high-quality 9-volt batteries like Duracell or Eveready, or else you run into trouble with the electrical system
  • The gun is heavy and weighs around 3.91 lbs without the tank. On adding the tank, the weight increases even more
  • he build of this gun is bulky, and hard to maneuver quickly


6. Empire Paintball Pump Paintball Marker

As per the expert reviews, the Empire is the best buy and best value pump markers available. It is rated 8/10. This is a solid gun and good for those who love to play pump style or those who want to try playing pump style.

This gun is good for intermediate to professional level players who enjoy pump style markers. This gun is not advisable for beginners. Advanced, intermediate and professional level players are definitely going to love his gun. This gun is specially designed for tournament games.

  • Pressure can be adjusted using the Allen Wrench with the regulator
  • Hammer lug can be adjusted using a wrench
  • Vertical pump of his gun can be removed using the two screws
  • It doesn’t make much sound
  • Empire Paintball pump gun is smooth and fast enough to makes you competent enough against the players with Semi-automatic guns
  • Trigger pull is smooth
  • The shots of this gun are accurate
  • If you keep the gun properly, it is highly reliable.
  • Super long 14″ stock barrels are great.
  • If you don’t pull the pump fully backward, then the pump can get stuck and you will have to re-pump it.
  • The gun will not shoot a broken paintball in the barrel. You must clean the break with a barrel swab.
  • The gun makes a sound if you hold the pump forward
  • The gun doesn’t come in a handy case. It comes in a cardboard box
  • It is possible that due to detents, the bolt may get stuck.
  • The gun doesn’t come with different color options
  • The maintenance is tedious
  • If you turn the marker upside down, then the paint will return from where it came


7. Empire Paintball Axe marker

It is popular as a high-quality marker which is value for money. A user commented that it is only this gun which can sustain and perform normally even in heavy rains. All the grips are made of similar material, but the grip frame of this gun makes it extremely comfortable to lay with. Owners of this gun are proud of its compact size and light weight, which makes it so easy to roll, turn, slide, run and jump in the field with this gun in hand. I love this gun due to its accuracy and consistency.

Some users have claimed to have gone through 5000 paintballs with this unit without bursting a bullet. Users say that Axe performs at top-level in the field and is extremely consistent. The makers have paid special attention to the performance of the gun. The manufacturers are proud of how effective the trigger is and can be adjusted to four different positions. You can fire at a faster speed with no delays.

This is a high-end paintball gun that can really unload paint fast. This gun is perfect for Intermediate to advanced level players who are looking for the most accurate gun in the gun in 2020 for tournaments. From speedball to woodsball games, this is the best ever choice for the players who have a higher budget.

  • The gun has multiple firing modes such as semi-automatic, millennium-ramping, NXL and PSP-ramping.
  • It is water resistant and has waterproof sealed battery doors
  • This gun has a soft touch button in place of in-line bolt system
  • When it’s about consistency and reliability, this marker contains +-3 to +-5 on the chronic.
  • This gun is highly accurate
  • The gun doesn’t make sound
  • The shooting is very smooth, and there are no delays in the firing sequence
  • The gun has stylish looks
  • It uses less paint than other markers
  • Stock barrels are not one of the best
  • Owners complain that ASA is non-adjustable


8. Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun

Empire Paintball is the leader in the world in the manufacturing & distribution of paintball sporting goods. This gun of Empire gets the best rating due to its light weight and spacious frame to accommodate and hand size. You can jump, dive or run holding this gun in confidence as you know it won’t slip off. One owner claims that this is one gun which everyone in his family finds comfortable to play with.The fact is that the Axe has an esteemed, high-quality look to it helps to justify its high cost.

It is ideal for beginners due to the comfort of gripping it. Players up to professional levels can use this gun. This gun is good for speedball and even woodsball style play.

  • It is a very comfortable to hold marker
  • It fires quiet shots at a rapid speed without any mechanical hassles
  • The bolts of the gun need to be lubed regularly


9. Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet Eclipse has been known to make high-quality paintball guns for a long time, and that is exactly what you get with the Etha, they believe that every paintball player should have a quality gun or marker, regardless of their experience level. They are very popular for its best customer service in the business. This gun is rated 7.5/10.

It is a small, lightweight marker, which means it is easy to carry around and won’t slow you down while playing. Cleaning this gun is very easy as there is only one screw used to hold the grip, which makes it easy to take apart.

This gun is suitable for the beginners as this gun is accurate, easy to use, maintain and reliable. It is a cheaper version of the popular Planet Eclipse Geo Paintball gun and has some of the functions found on the higher priced models. This makes it usable by more experienced players who don’t want to spend more money.

  • It has a lot of features which you don’t get in any other gun at this price
  • It is very easy to use
  • It fires very rapidly
  • It doesn’t chop paintballs
  • The internal operating system makes it easy to clean
  • The only negative with this product is that it is louder than most paintball guns. Check out Empire Axe, which is very quiet if you do not like loud shooting.


10. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse is known to produce high-quality guns, and their newest ETEK5 Paintball Marker is no exception. This is the most durable gun in the market. Before these guns are released in the market, they are made to get through a torture test to handle battlefield conditions. This makes them perfect for competitions.

If you are looking for best competition guns in the market, then it has to be Planet Eclipse ETEK5 paintball marker. But most people who own these guns never run into any kind of problems. If you run into an issue in the first year then you can send it back to the company, and they will fix it for you for free. This gun is very suitable for beginners.

  • This gun is very efficient and light-weighted and can be carried along very comfortably without making you tired.
  • This gun doesn’t make much sound
  • This gun is very durable and reliable.
  • It has limited color options
  • It has a vast frame in the middle which reduces the comfort of carrying it


11. Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

The Geo CS1 is a gun that provides you with all the key features that you would ever need. While designing this device, the engineers have paid great attention towards every possible scope of improvement. Reliability has been given maximum focus, and the maintenance of the device has been made simple. This paintball gun is not just aesthetically well designed but is equally perfect for its function.

The manufacturers have done their best in manufacturing this gun. It has been rated 8/10 by its users. This gun is advisable for professional players. This device is not suitable for beginners, and they might find it difficult to use due to its multiple functionalities. This is a major limitation of this gun.

  • It is an easy to repair gun as a repair kit comes along with this pack
  • The reliability factor of this gun is very high
  • It is an easy to maintain
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • The price of the gun is high in comparison to other guns


12. DYE Proto Rize Paintball Marker

This marker is light, fast, cheap, value for money and easy to clean. One of the best beginner paintball guns you can find. This marker is filled with features which are not there in any other entry level marker. To give proper comfort in using the gun, performance has not been sacrificed. Due to its simple screw and bolt design, it is very simple to open and clean.

This gun has been rated as 7.5/10 by the users. I would highly recommend this gun for fresher due to all the positives of this gun. It’s like you will not ask a beginner to start learning driving in a luxurious, super expensive car.

This gun is perfect for beginners. Even the newest player won’t get stuck in the field, forced to clean or perform maintenance of this gun. A fresher will not have to worry that he would damage this gun as this gun is durable.

  • Ample customizations available for this gun
  • There are 12 different modes in this gun
  • ASA on and off switch is available which allows you to turn the tank off. This basically closes the tank valve so pressurized air can no longer enter the marker
  • It is a light weighted gun
  • It works on disposable batteries. One has to charge the batteries again and again
  • It has a plastic trigger


13. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

This gun has great reviews. A long list of features of this gun makes it so special. Firstly, there’s the barrel. Unlike other guns, the Proto Rail MaXXed provides players with a premium 14-inch Proto 2-Piece Barrel. With Rize Fuse Bolt Technology, clamping feed neck, quick-release macro line hose, Ultralight Airport switch, Autococker barrel threads, bright LED display, and many other premium features, there’s no denying it’s one of the best paintballs guns there is.

This is known as the best in class for the price gun. The users who have a smaller budget are very interested in this gun. This is a cheap gun and suitable for recreational and speedball play style. The user rating of this gun is 6.5/10. This gun is suitable for beginners and even intermediate players.

  • It has patented UL hourglass grip frame with four tournament firing modes
  • It has DYE Lockdown adjustable clamping feed neck
  • It has patented Fusion bolt spool valve technologyA5
  • The bolts of the gun are easy to remove
  • Amazing barrel and Great feed neck design
  • Shoots accurately and super high rate of fire
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent overall quality and design
  • The battery is not included


14. DYE M2 Paintball Marker

Wow…. powerful, advanced, sleek, responsive, accurate and stylish are the words which you hear from the owners about this gun. The sale of this gun is good. Its prism interface and five-way control joystick improve the performance and accuracy, rechargeable batteries will help you take care of the device.

This gun comes with a heavy price tag, so this is not a paintball gun for anyone who is just playing for fun, who understands and needs the range of features that it provides. Packed full of electrical features and designed to add finesse to your game, the M2 marker is advisable for the advanced player. This gun is very suitable for the advanced players who want to play stylishly and show off their gun. This gun has been designed keeping in mind those who are veteran paintball enthusiasts who are serious about the game

  • The gun is very accurate
  • The gun has a great range
  • Electronic components allow users to quickly switch to different requirements on the field while playing
  • The settings can be changed quickly and adjusted easily
  • It costs a lot of money.
  • Due to its numerous electronic components, the M2 requires constant cleaning and maintenance.
  • Although the M2 is durable, replacing damaged components can be expensive.


15. Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

Here is a gun that you will fall in love with if you are a scenario or tactical paintball game. This paintball gun is the best for Mil-Sim game-play. This gun has got Mil-Sim game to an all new level. This gun is also perfect for woodsball gameplay. The users claim that this gun gives you the best feeling in the field. This is one of the most sophisticated guns in the market today.

The best part I love about this gun is that you are able to fine-tune and modify the setups and other options to fit your preferences. Like this, you can be sure that you are playing with a gun that fits your style of play perfectly. When you hold this gun, you start feeling that you are holding a top-rated quality gun. It might seem bulky and heavy in photos, but once you hold this gun in your hands, you will be surprised how lightweight and comfortable it is.

This gun is suitable for both left and right handed players. The reloading function is extremely easy and you can still maintain a low profile on the field even though you are re-loading. The qualities and the efficiency of this marker make it ideal for any tactical scenario paintball player. This gun is not suggested for beginners. It is more suitable for professional or advanced level players.

  • Very easy to carry around as it light weighted due to its aluminum body
  • This gun is Extremely easy to customize as per the playing style preferred by you
  • This gun is extremely accurate
  • It easily switch between mag and hopper
  • Shoots First Strike Rounds
  • It is very easy to disassemble for maintenance
  • A bit pricey
  • Heavier than most models on the market
  • Noisy firing

First Timer Paintball Gun Buyer’s Guide

paintball marker buyer guide

Paintball is an activity that involves healthy competition, adventure and is also a great way to get some exercise while having fun. A game of paintball requires strategy, physical endurance, and passion that can never be won through a gaming console. The adrenalin rush that comes with playing this sport produces immense excitement.

Buying the best paintball gun for a players’ experience and skill level can be a bit daunting. Finding the right paintball gun that matches your skill, interest, and budget can be a difficult task. Doing the comparison of guns is important. This buyer’s guide will give you tips, and pointers, so you know what to buy as per your requirement. This guide talks about the best paintball gun to buy for beginners, people on a budget, and more experienced paintball players. This way, you’re sure to choose the perfect gun for yourself.

There are a huge variety of markers available in the market today. You must ensure that the marker you choose is depending upon your requirement and level of play. There are different guns available and suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players. You should finalize your gun keeping your game level in mind. You should always remember that gradually your game level would improve and you might want to upgrade the same gun and not buy a new one.

What Are Entry-Level Markers

 For those just getting to start learning the sport, entry-level paintball markers are a good a good option. Companies like BT, Tippmann etc. provide good entry-level markers that are simple and reliable. Most entry-level markers are mechanical and not electronic. They are available in the $60 to $150 price range. Some inexpensive markers are upgradeable with higher-quality parts like barrels and boards. This way you can customize and upgrade your markers as and when you’re playing level gets better.

What Are Mid-Level Markers

 Mid-level markers are commonly manufactured by companies such as Eclipse, GOG, Proto, and Empire. They are typically electronic in operation and make lesser sound than the entry-level markers. They are more accurate and don’t kick. Most mid-level markers operate on compressed air instead of CO2 and their electronic operation uses far lesser air than what a mechanically operated marker use. For players who want to play paintball seriously for more than four or five times a year, it may be worth spending money on a mid-level marker. These guns generally cost from $150 to $300.

What Are High-End Markers

Brands such as Dye, Eclipse, DLX, and Bob Long offer the most high-end paintball markers available in the market. All of the above have an electronic operation. They have high-quality parts and all high-end markers fire as fast as a shooter can pull the trigger. All high-end guns have similar performance characteristics, but reliability can vary. If you are going in for a marker which costs more than $300, then you should make sure that it is reliable and also should suit your requirements and choice.

What Are The Types of Paintball Guns

Below are three types of paintball guns available in the market and they have their pros and cons depending on the needs of the player

  • Pump – These are the oldest types which need a manual operation to fire. Pump guns are very reliable and make a player focus on their field skills and accuracy instead of firepower. They are not very suitable for beginners, especially when playing against semi-automatic guns.

  • Mechanical – These are the most common when we talk about the recreational play. They fire one shot per trigger pull. They are easy to use, less maintenance and affordable. Most mechanical paintball guns on the market today are called a blowback design.

  • Electronic – These were earlier an expensive luxury but no more. They utilize an electronic solenoid to fire the marker and use batteries. Pulling a trigger is like clicking your mouse button. They increase the rate of fire and easy to maintain.

Questions & Answers

Which is the best type of paintball gun to buy?

Mechanical paintball guns are the most common guns today due to their easy maintenance and decent prices. Starting from beginners to experts, all can use this type of gun.

Where to sell your paintball guns?

To sell your gun, you should approach the online and retail shops which sell paintball guns. The customers who want to buy a good gun but have a limited budget buy used guns from these shops.

What type of oil is used for paintball guns?

Lubricants marketed as gun oils should not be used. Most of the commercial brands contain petroleum solvents to remove powder fouling and these solvents will degrade the o-rings in a paintball marker. Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil and Rem Oil are good oils to lubricate your guns. Always remember to only use enough oil on your gun to coat the seals. Any extra oil will just collect dirt.

What features you should look for when buying a good paintball gun for a beginner?

For a beginner, a gun should be light weighted and durable. Even if the player rolls, falls or jumps in the field, the gun should not get damaged. It should have a comfortable grip to hold and run with and It should be easy to use, reliable and durable. It is also important that the gun is cheap as you would not like that an expensive gun is used for learning and experimenting purpose.

What is a woodsball paintball gun?

It is a format of a paintball game. In this form, players compete in a natural outdoor area with paintball guns to tag opponent team players. The field doesn’t have inflatable bunkers for the players to hide. Rather have the natural trees, shrubs etc. Guns like Tippmann 98 custom, Tippmann X7 Phenom, Dye Assault matrix, Empire BT TM 15 etc are considered good woodsball paintball guns.

What is speedball in paintball?

Speedball is one of the three different types in the sport of paintball. It is a general term for a game in which the playing field is composed of artificial bunkers created. A same number of bunkers are made on both the sides to provide an equal competition to both the teams. Dye Proto Rail, Gog Envy, Empire Axe, Planet Eclipse Ego etc. are a few popular speedball game guns.

What is a marker on a paintball gun?

A paintball marker is also called a paintball gun. It is the main equipment used in the paintball sport. Markers use an expanding gas – carbon dioxide or compressed air, to propel paintballs through the barrel.

How to maintain a paintball gun?

Below are four simple steps to maintaining your paintball gun and keeping it as new forever

  • Clean your paintball gun – To clean the gun properly, open the gun and use a cloth to wipe away dirt, grime or paint.
  • Lubricate your paintball gun – All paintball guns need lubrication to ensure that the moving parts slide smoothly.
  • Replace O-Rings – To make sure your o-rings are in good condition, visually inspect them and replace in case any of them have worn off.
  • Change the batteries – If you are having any sort of problems with your gun then the reason could be your batteries. So, it is suggested to change your batteries on a regular basis.


So there you go! Selecting the best gun out of many available is intimidating. Deciding which is the most superior seems so difficult. However, it’s not hard to see differences and do a comparison in the many markers out there if you take help from this guide. Hopefully, this guide helps you choose a gun to conquer the field and bring you enjoy every time you pick it up. Remember, there are a number of guns out there, and in this guide, we will only cover a fraction of them. So, go and discuss with the expert players also. Do a proper research before every purchase one. A good gun will be with you for your whole lifetime, so make it count!

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