3 Best Paintball Cleats/Shoes Reviews & Buying Guide

Cleats are used to play sports on hard and firm grounds. The grounds that have natural surfaces require you to wear high-quality cleats because they can help you to win the game in style. Some of the sports that require cleats are football, baseball, soccer, paintball, and futsal.

The players are recommended to wear cleats while playing paintball and other similar sports because they have to run fast to gain a point. If you are a professional paintball player and are looking for good quality cleats/shoes to play in the next paintball game, then we might help you. Here, we are going to share with you some of the best paintball cleats/shoes so that you come out as a winner from the paintball field next time.

Best Paintball Cleat/Shoe Reviews

1. New Balance Men’s L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe – Overall Best

New Balance metal sports shoes

Reliable brand: The New Balance Men’s shoes have come a long way and have manufactured some of the best shoes/cleats for various sports. They have arch support roots that can help you to stay firm while you are playing on the ground. You can enjoy a more balanced sensation while you wear these high-performing paintball shoes.

High performing: Staying relevant to the sport such as paintball and having all the features that support you to play the paintball game is essential when you are making a buying decision. The New Balance cleats are high-performing baseball and paintball shoes that always help you to perform best on the field.

Synthetic mesh: They are made with the latest technology and boasts of a high-quality synthetic mesh. The shoes are lightweight and will help you bounce off the field. The thicker layers of the mesh make you feel comfortable all the time.

Comfortable: Manufactured with a no-sew construction ensures extra support and balance when you are running on firm grounds. The cleats have comfortable and maintain a breathable feel.

Midsole: The midsole technology used in the cleats is one of the brand highlights. The responsiveness and cushioning of the midsole make it perfect for playing paintball. The foam material that is used in the inside structure of the cleats provides the right amount of durability and comfort of foams that are 30% lighter than foams used in midsoles by other brands.

Popular: The paintball professionals are spellbound by the consistent performance these cleats deliver. They have been spotted to be worn by many famous athletes on the field.

My Opinion

Pros: The design of the product is classy, and it fits the style of professional players. It has a cushioned midsole that provides extra comfort. Your feet will not ache even if you play paintball for hours.

Cons: Its outsole is not that durable, and it starts to wear off after extended use.

2. Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C. Lacrosse Shoe – Best features

Under Armour best feature shoes

Construction: The micro thread used in the construction of Under Armour cleats provides greater strength. The support wings situated next to the surface of the shoes gives you a snug fit regardless of your foot shape.

Design: The design of Under Armour cleats is functional. It keeps your midfoot section balanced, which provides you with greater comfort.

Durable: It is created with high-quality materials that make it easier for the players to stay cool while they are on the move. The cleats are made with durable leather; it provides you with better overall stability and strength in the paintball ground.

Flexible: The shoes are flexible and well-cushioned and are one of the best running shoes in the market. The extra mesh on the upper side of the cleats makes them extra breathable.

Cushioned midsole: The charged cushioning midsole and the EVA insole help you to take balanced steps on the firm grounds. You will feel much more protected as the cleats provide you with a higher level of protection and cushioning.

Versatile: The shoes can work well for general-purpose use as well. They are perfect for any outdoor activity. They will allow you to make responsive movements on the paintball field and can also provide excellent support during a casual workout routine.

My Opinion

Pros: The cleats are incredibly lightweight and come with a great cushioning design. They are highly flexible and designed to last longer.

Cons: They are a bit narrow in shape and are laced loosely.

3. HK Army Shredder 2.0 Paintball Cleats – Cheap Paintball Cleats

HK Army economic paintball cleats

Colors and sizes: HK Army shredder 2.0 paintball cleats are available in different colors, which are green, yellow, black, and blue. You can select the one which you like best, and if this isn’t enough, you can get it in a variety of sizes too. No matter what the size of your feet is, it can fit in without any issues.

Material: The shoes are made with good quality leather. The quality of stitching is so fantastic you’re your shoe is never going to wear and tear. The materials used are breathable. Even in the hot and sweaty days, your shoes will not stink.

Air-cushioned heel: The back and base of the shoe have an air-cushioned heel. When you are running or striking your heels towards the ground, the air pocket will adjust itself and keep your heels protected from injuries.

Comfort: The level of comfort which you get with Shredder Paintball cleats is top-notch. Your feet will remain straight and will be protected from cramps or unexpected injuries.

Padding: The padding inside the shoes is incredibly soft, and the insole is also comfortable to remove. You will be surprised to know that these shoes are known for their excellent flexibility.

Spikes: Another excellent feature of HK Army shredder is that it has got perfect spikes, and they give the best fit. There is a unique grip pattern at the base of the shoes.

My opinion

Pros: They are quite light, and you can comfortably wear them without any discomfort. The air-cushioned heel is made of leather, while the shoes are flexible and comfortable as well.

Cons: The HK army shredder shoes may not handle continuous and vigorous playtime.


Here are some of the essential features which you need to consider before purchasing the best paintball cleats/shoes.


Before purchasing the paintball shoes, you need to check their quality. Make sure they are made up of good quality materials and can last longer. Investing money on repairing is no solution and will increase your budget only.

Most of the cleats from well-known brands are made from original leather, and this is why they are more durable, expensive, and breathable than the other options. Synthetic leather can also provide the best fit and comfort for any size of feet, and they are affordable too.


The next thing you can do is to check the reviews of the product you are planning to buy. Many people give their honest reviews on Amazon and other websites, so it will give you a clear idea of what you should and shouldn’t purchase.


The highly-priced products are not much in demand, but at the same time, many customers don’t settle for a low-quality product just because it is cheaper. However, you need to understand that if you are purchasing paintball shoes from a reputed brand, the price will always be higher. It’s just that you have to keep your budget in mind and plan accordingly.


There are high, low, top, mid, and other options available for paintball cleats. They all have excellent features and can protect your feet from any injury, no matter how intense your play is. If you want the most comfortable feel, you can go for mid-design and style.

Ankle support

The shoes constructed with leather give excellent ankle support. You should look for the padding inside as it should be soft and make your feet feel comfortable as well. Too much padding inside will make you feel stuffy.


When you are crawling, jumping, or moving on the ground, you need to have extra grip support from your shoes. You can fall on the ground and get into an injury if the inside gripping is not well. Also, the perfect outer grip will save you from fall even if the ground is slippery.

What type of cleats can you use for paintball?

If you want one of the best cleats for paintball, you can consider purchasing Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C. Lacrosse Shoes. They will provide high ankle support and are flexible too.

Can paintball shoes protect your ankles?

Paintball shoes provide ultimate protection to your ankles and protect your feet from an injury. They will keep you firm on the ground even if the surface is slippery.

Are paintball shoes suitable for children?

Parents should know that the paintball activity is challenging. If your child is grown up, you can decide if he/she can play it. Most of the paintball shoes, which are available in the market, are for all age groups, including children.

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