Best Paintball Barrel Kits Reviewed

Each component of your paintball gun is essential for its performance on the paintball field. Even a small component, like the barrel, can play a significant role in your performance. You have to figure out which one is the best paintball barrel kit available on the market today to make the best choice.

If you are a beginner and playing the paintball game for the first time, then be aware that the barrel is a pipe from where your paintball goes out. If you are searching for the best and most accurate paintball barrel kit, this guide will help you choose the best one. The following are the best paintball barrel kits available in the market.

Paintball Barrel Kit Reviews

1. Tippmann Sniper Barrel – Best under $50

Tippmann barrel for paintball

Efficiency: If you are looking for a paintball barrel with standard qualities, then the Tippmann Sniper is the best option for you. Most professional players love this barrel kit as it is suitable for Tippmann 98 custom and custom pro paintball guns.

Materials: The paintball players consider it the best because it is made with excellent quality materials. It comes from a famous brand and has several great features.

Design: The Tippmann paintball barrel kit consists of a 16-inch barrel design to make sure that the players enjoy long-distance shots. It also helps to attain a high level of accuracy.

Performance: The barrel features an exterior that will be beneficial for average paintball players. The players who love snipe from a distance will highly benefit from this paintball barrel. It helps you to make a shot with little to zero noise.

Easy to maintain: Another reason behind the popularity of the Tippmann Sniper Barrel is that it is easy to maintain.

My Opinion

Pros: The Tippmann Sniper paintball barrel kit allows the users to enjoy long-distance and accurate shots. It is made up of excellent quality materials and also operates without any noise.

Cons: The barrel kit doesn’t have much range as compared to other barrels.

2. DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun Barrel –Best under $70

DeadlyWind paintball gun barrel

Inserts: This DeadlyWind barrel kit comes with Freak replaceable inserts that give a single barrel and multiple inserts a chance to function well. These inserts improve your overall performance on the field.

Design: It allows you to swap to various threads without letting you put in much effort.

Adaptor: The thread adapter is designed to match the type of gun you have. The carbon fiber works as the primary component of the barrel. These components enhance your overall performance and give you more confidence.

Lightweight: The insert is designed to set the barrel’s bore with ease. It is truly lightweight and is lighter in comparison to other barrels that have replaceable inserts.

Durable: It is sturdy and will stay the same even if a car drives over it. The slick interior design can be replaced safely and increase the lifespan of the barrel kit.

My Opinion

Pros: DeadlyWind paintball barrel kit provides the players with accuracy and consistency. It has a high level of pinpoint precision.

Cons: It is only compatible with markers that use auto threads.

3. Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits–Best under $70

Eclipse freak ready compatible back kit

Compatible: The Eclipse Shaft FR (Freak TM Ready) Barrel Back is compatible with Freak TM inserts. It gives users an optimized bore selection while providing excellent performance.

Assembly: The Shaft FR back has a unique way of assembling, and the ball is guided into the Insert via a tapered opening located at the rear. The insert is adequately equipped by a Jointer section, which doubles as the interface moves into the tip.

Windows: It has three built-in windows, and because of them, it is possible to identify which insert is in use.

Jointer section: There is a joiner section inside the barrel that is constructed well to hold the insert into one place. It also works well in doubles as an interface to the tip starting from the bottom. The design is sturdy, and it won’t get any scratches even after continuous use.

Quick Treads: The quick threads will allow the barrel to attach and remove from your marker. It only takes less than half the time when compared to standard Cocker threaded barrels.

My opinion

Pros: Eclipse Shaft kit is compatible with freak inserts. It is guaranteed to optimize the bore selection and gives a powerful performance.

Cons: The FR kit is slightly tighter as compared to other standard kits, and the marker is also a little short.

4. DeadlyWind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Autocker Threaded Paintball Barrels –Best under $100

Deadlywind paintball barrels

Accurate and quiet operation: DeadlyWind paintball barrel will grab your attention instantly, and you won’t think twice before purchasing it. It is quiet, accurate, and light in weight.

Replaceable inserts: It is compatible with freak replaceable inserts. The best thing is that a single barrel has multiple inserts to perform the function of more than one barrel.

Threads: The paintball barrel will give the users an opportunity of swapping to various threads without letting them spend a lot.

Design: The particular barrel system has a unique design and consists of three parts. The first one is the thread adapter to match the type of gun you have. Carbon fiber is the second one, which is the major component of the barrel. And the third one is the freak insert, which sets the barrel’s bore with ease. It is lighter in comparison to other barrels that offer replaceable inserts.

My Opinion

Pros: Even though the DeadlyWind paintball barrel is light in weight, it is stable and has powerful features. The smooth interior and fiber boast perfection and safety.

Cons: The barrel doesn’t come assembled. You have to do this task yourself, which can be a bit challenging.

Buying Guide

If you are still confused because of the overwhelming options of the paintball barrel kits, then it is time to know about the basics that you should consider while selecting a barrel. You can boost your chance of making the right choice if you consider these features during the buying process

Barrel Length

You must carefully assess the barrel’s length because it will play an essential role in the consistency and accuracy of your shot. In this case, it is ideal to buy a barrel kit with a length of around 12 to 16 inches.

A longer barrel around 20 inches or longer will not give you a high level of accuracy. It can even hurt the accuracy while you make a distance short. It is essential to have the right length of barrel f you are looking for a high rate of accuracy and consistency.

Bore size

The bore size of the barrel kit also needs consideration as it plays a vital role in your performance. The bore size should be matched to the paint that you are explicitly using. This will help you to perform well on the field and make accurate shots.

The best way to determine if the paintballs perfectly match the bore is to drop one of the balls vertically down the barrel. If it falls straight, it indicates that the bore’s size is too big for it.

Interior finish

It will help if you consider the interior finish before making the final choice. Finding a smooth and polished interior finish should be your priority. It will result in minimal drag and give you more durable performance.


You have to analyze if the barrel or kit has properly constructed vents or not. The vents are small holes that are drilled inside the barrel, and they vent out extra pressure. When they are placed closer to the markers, it results in quiet shots too.


The user should know what type of material is used in the making of the barrel. The most common material is Teflon and ceramic. You can use paintballs that have thin shells, and it is better not to go for any rough materials.


Checking the thread of the barrel is also essential. The best barrels come equipped with threads that match up with the gun or marker. 


What length of the paintball barrel/Kit is suitable for the users?

The ideal barrel length depends on your game and gaming style. The most optimal length falls between 12-16 inches, and you also have to understand that a short barrel is much more efficient than a bigger one.

How can you clean a paintball barrel Kit?

Cleaning the paintball kit is not a tough task, and all you need is a soft sponge. The first thing you have to hold is the marker and then remove the barrel. It would help if you took the sponge even in the most delicate areas without damaging the kit.

Can I use the barrel with inserts?

Yes, you can. The paintballs vary in size due to factors like humidity, storage conditions, elevation, and temperature. There are instances when you must use an insert because it can help your barrel’s bore system adapt to the paintball you are using.

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