6 Best Paintball Backpacks: Carry the essentials like a PRO

The best paintball backpack is not that easy to purchase, but it is a must-have accessory that you would need on the paintball field. Many brands manufacture paintball backpacks, and it can be challenging to choose the one that fits your requirements.

If you are a passionate paintball player, you must have bought paintball gears and markers, but to store them on the field, you would need a high-quality paintball backpack. The paintball accessories will be protected well once you get a paintball backpack for yourself. If you are traveling to different sites for the paintball game and looking for a high-quality paintball bag, this guide will be quite helpful for you. The following are the best paintball backpacks that can help you to make the best choice.

Paintball Backpack Reviews

1. Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Backpack – Overall Best

Outdoor Military Tactical Hiking Bug Out Bag

Reliable brand: Outdoor 3 is a reliable brand that has been manufacturing backpacks for a long time. Their backpacks are perfect for the paintball field and have received appraisals from the paintball industry.

Easy to use: The paintball backpack is easy to use, and you have to unzip the bottom of your bag to take out your paintball essentials. It can be opened and closed easily and quickly and can be the most comfortable bag to carry.

Storage: The paintball bag’s internal storage is ample and extensive, and it can carry a wide range of paintball items. You can push your paintball gear inside and place it in the main compartment. This would help you to take out the essentials easily at the required time. Also, it comes with a unique Xpander feature that helps to increase the carrying capacity of the bag.

Webbing system: Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Backpack comes with a webbing system that can help you harness the bag to your shirt. It can help you store your paintball accessories, and the external webbing framework will hook up the bag to anything you want.

Attachments: You can also attach the bag to any compatible paintball marker or paintball gears. It is a fully integrated luggage system for your convenience.

My Opinion

Pros: The Outdoor 3 backpack is reliable and the most comfortable one. It has a lot of space, and it is expandable as well. Also, it features a webbing system.

Cons: The small pouches on the sides of the backpack are not removable.

2. UTG Ranger Field Bag – Best under $60

UTG backpack

Protection: The UTG ranger paintball bag provides the best protection for your paintball accessories. The marker case helps you to store your paintball marker and gun in the best way possible.

Storage solution: It is the best storage solution for your needs and is spacious enough to store your paintball accessories and other necessary items. This versatile bag offers a low profile and compact storage solution.

Design: The paintball bag’s design is functional and has a rigid protective shell on the external and internal bodies. The outer shell can withstand the dents and scratches that may affect the bag on the paintball field.

Flex zone: It is equipped with an integrated flex-zone that allows you to retrieve the case contents without entirely unzipping the case.

Compartments: The bag comes with various pockets and small zipped compartments to organize your paintball accessories. You wouldn’t find it difficult to search your essentials on the field because everything is so organized.

Suitable for small accessories: The full-length barrel sleeves in the bag help protect your barrels or small accessories from breaking down inside the bag. You can run on the field and score your points without worrying about the breakage of your essentials.

My Opinion

Pros:  The UTG Ranger Field Bag has a customizable size, and you can adjust your case to suit your needs. It comes with good storage capacity and has a flex zone that allows efficient playing.

Cons: The dimensions of the bag that are mentioned on the description page are different in real.

3. CVLIFE Tactical Sling Backpack – Cheap Paintball Backpack

Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack Molle Range Bag

Well designed: CVLIFE Tactical Sling Bag is well designed and can serve your needs if you are looking for a low profile paintball backpack.

Marker case: It comes with a high-quality marker case that can help you to store your paintball marker and other essentials. The marker case offers you high protection and secure storage.

Compact design: The CVLIFE paintball backpack has a compact design and is very lightweight. It can help you run on the field quickly without putting much pressure on your shoulder and back.

Secure: If you are looking for more security and protection of your paintball accessories on the paintball field, this backpack has a functional value.

Storage: It has a lot of space, and when you see through the zippered system, you can see that the case is divided into different sections. The bag is well designed and can allow you to hold a fully equipped gun with one barrel.

The fold-flat design: Its fold-flat design makes this paintball bag unique. The use of neoprene has helped to make this paintball bag shock-resistant and weather-resistant.

My Opinion

Pros: The CVLIFE paintball bag is of supreme quality. It comes with storage pockets and a dual-zippered system that keeps everything safer.

Cons: Its exterior part is not extra padded, and it might get your marker damaged.

 4. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack –Best under $35

Small Assault Pack Army Molle Bag Backpacks

Size: This gear military backpack is small in size and doesn’t feel heavy whenever you wear it.

Materials of construction: It is made up of high-density fabric, which is durable and water-resistant at the same time.

Capacity: REEBOW gear military tactical backpack has the maximum capacity of 34L, and the best thing is that it will efficiently felicitate your paintball game.

Double stitches: There is no chance it will wear out as it is double stitched. The heavy-duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls are other fantastic features that give added security.

Load compression system: Its side and front load compression system offers comfort to the back. The comfortable padded back area will prevent you from getting a backache even if the load is heavy.

Hydration: The military backpack is hydration compatible and will work efficiently for 2.5L hydration bladder.

My Opinion

Pros: The bag is not only durable but is available at an affordable rate. It is a well-made product, holds more stuff than you think, and there are unique compression straps that give protection.

Cons: Double stitches feature could have been better, and the capacity could be higher as well.


5. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags – Best under $40

Planet Eclipse backpack

Tank: This Planet Eclipse Paintball gear back has a well-constructed tank. It is a must thing to have in your daily paintball equipment list.

Design: Its design is quite secure because it is made out of rigid and water-resistant carbon fiber. It will prevent the backpack from dings, scratches, and water.

Compact: The planet eclipse backpack is an easy solution for all users. It provides safety as it is compact and well designed. It has high storage capacity and is protective enough without being bulky.

Microfiber: It is lined with ultra-plush high pile microfiber. You will be surprised to know that it is compatible with 45, 48, 50, 56, 68, 70, 72, and 77ci cylinders. The elastic retention will keep your things safe and secure.

Storage pocket: The backpack is not only good for paintball games; it has many other uses too. The auxiliary storage pocket is a feature that can keep your regulator safe during air travel.

Color: It is available in only one color, but it is very functional, versatile, and durable.

Straps: The bag’s straps and zipper system will keep your precious things safe and prevent them from falling out.

My Opinion

Pros: The storage pockets of this backpack are very high, and you can keep plenty of things inside. The outer pouch is seven inches wide as well.

Cons: The straps should have been sturdier, while the microfiber should offer more elasticity.

6. Planet Eclipse GX Paintball Gravel Backpack Bag – Expensive Paintball Backpack

Planet Eclipse backpack

Comfortable: Say goodbye to the old-fashioned mud-filled wheels or impossible grass terrain that affect the comfort level. You need to hoist the bag onto your back and get things done.

Padded shoulder straps: Its padded shoulder straps increase the comfort level. Your shoulders will be kept free from any pain, no matter how much load is available in your bag.

MOLLE webbing system: You can take full advantage of the MOLLE webbing system. It is easy to attach the external webbing framework with your playing gear accessories. There are small biners to hook on anything you like.

Rear Harness: Another great feature is that you can attach your compatible Eclipse GX Marker Pack to the rear harness. The best thing is that you can fully integrate the luggage system for your paintball equipment and marker.

Capacity: The backpack features pack away the Xpander zone, and because of this reason, it increases the bag capacity of up to 50%.

Lumbar support: Also, the bag offers full lumbar support that is essential when you are playing for long.

Zip pocket: It has two quick-access side zip pockets and a cell/mobile phone pocket as well. The rear harness straps not only secure smaller loads but can also keep the heavy loads intact too.

My Opinion

Pros: Planet Eclipse is a standard 39L GX Back Pack and comes packed with great size for everyday use. It is coupled with an Xpander and is very much adequate for a day’s play.

Cons: It is not a very affordable choice and lacks certain features when compared with other bags.

Buying Guide

If you want to purchase the best paintball backpacks, these are the key features you should consider.


It will help if you are looking for a backpack that comes with a front-loading feature. A drawstring is attached closer to the top, and it will provide a secure fit. The bags that come with a clamshell design are easy to handle, and their capacity is high.

Waist strap

The backpacks come with a waist strap that is easy to carry, no matter how heavy the load is. It will distribute the load on the overall body rather than giving pressure to only one area. You can get rid of shoulder pains with this feature.

Rain resistant

When you play a paintball game, you will never like the water to enter inside the bag and affect your delicate belongings. It is always a good idea to look for a water-resistant bag.

Compact and cheap

The compact paintball backpacks are available at low prices. They are easy to carry and also have massive storage capacity. They are perfect for storing paintball guns and other accessories. They are primarily designed to store your paintball essentials.

Shapes and sizes 

Paintball backpacks come in various shapes and sizes, and it is up to you to decide which backpack suits your needs and requirements. They are fully featured and have room to store guns, tanks, pods, and other useful paintball accessories.

Easy on the back

Make sure to buy the stripped-down version of the paintball bag to be accessible on the back without having back pain. However, such bags might not store the entire load that you wish to store. If you are a professional paintball player, prefer buying a bag with many padded layers so that it is easy on the back.  


What can you store in your paintball backpack?

The paintball backpack can carry a wide range of items. These items include guns, tanks, pods, squeegee, and maintenance and repair items.

What kind of material is used to make paintball backpacks?

The heavy-duty and durable backpacks are usually made of nylon and polyester materials. Sometimes even leather is used to produce the best bags. You can choose the one you like or boast of a more stylish design.

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