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Paintballology digests the reviews from many players, and extracts the strengths and weaknesses of each gun, mask, hopper, or other paintball gear.

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We rated the best paintball guns for 2023 and all have been reviewed by various players for value.  These paintball guns are good choices; markers with significant problems have been excluded.

Most paintball markers under $300 or $400 have junk stock parts and require upgrades for good results.

With few exceptions (e.g. the Tippmann A5), if you want rates of fire above about 10 BPS (balls per second), you should budget for an electric paintball hopper.

Paintball guns that actually shoot 20 BPS and above and never chop paintballs, have excellent accuracy and gas efficiency, will cost anywhere from $600 to $1500. We will look at these in the future; currently we look at guns under $300.

Types of Paintball players

Players usually fall into two categories: recreational and tournament players. Tournament players take the game seriously, investing over $2,000 in paintball gear. They also attend tournaments in teams of 3-10 people. A common tournament team game is “Speedball”, where players play on an enclosed field with a single central flag and hide behind small scattered walls and barrels. A top of the line paintball marker can cost $700 – $2,000. A recreational marker can however be purchased for $50 to $300. If you are a beginner, please see our getting started guide.

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